Meet the ultimate tool for translation and migration of legacy Lotus Notes applications

CROZ Dominator is the tool for translation/migration of legacy Lotus Notes applications to standard web application/architecture. It understands all kinds of Lotus Notes code/database and translates them to modern, human readable, cloud ready and maintainable JEE application. Try it on!

Interested in Dominator?

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What issues does CROZ Dominator solve?

Many (or all) issues related to legacy Lotus Notes applications and infrastructure around them:

  • Dead end of Lotus Notes applications, maintaining or/and changing/upgrading of Lotus Notes applications. Vendor lock.
  • LND licensing costs (need for Enterprise Lotus CALs and Enterprise Domino Server PVUs)
  • Cost of managing and maintaining LN client infrastructure and Domino server infrastructure
  • Applications work only through LN client, lack of user experience. Migrated application is built according to modern mobile-first approach to building rich user web interfaces
  • Valuable data “trapped” inside LN databases
  • Hard to find LN developers

How does it work?

Dominator is a tool that understands Lotus Notes Application’s code. It analyzes Notes DXL format, source code and data in Lotus Notes application and builds new JEE application and translates GUI, business logic and data model into new web application. It is neither a framework nor a platform, migrated JEE application are built in “human way” (like developers do it) on top of modern and commonly used frameworks, ready for further maintenance and development. 

  • Dominator builds data model for new relational database where migrated data will reside
  • Core engine made in Scala, over 40 modules for different parts of Lotus Notes application’s design/code
  • Target architecture:
    • Backend: Spring Boot + MyBatis + Liquibase
    • Frontend: React + Redux + Material UI
    • SSO between translated applications
  • Support for all Lotus Notes “design” elements and much more!

How to start with modernization?

First, an organization needs to determine the full scope of the project. Modernization efforts start with quick application environment assessment, for each application organization should consider the following:

  • Is the application accessible via Lotus Notes client or web browser?
  • How many documents are stored in the application?
  • How many document types and processes are defined in the application? Should all processes be migrated?
  • How many users use the application? How many of them only read data?
  • How many different roles are defined in the application?
  • How many external systems exist that the application is integrated with?

Based on application environment assessment, CROZ experts facilitate technical workshops with organization representatives in order to properly size re-engineering efforts.


  • Unique product in WW market, “don't miss the opportunity” to go out from Lotus Notes dead end
  • Over 20 years of experience with LND development, many successful projects, expert team, in-depth knowledge and understanding of Lotus Notes environment and development
  • Extensive experience with JEE development, enterprise and complex projects, expert teams and coverage of all standard and modern JEE technologies
  • System integration skills and experience, SQL and NoSQL databases, data warehouse and business intelligence