Let's test, let's automate!

Software development has significantly improved by use of Agile methodologies and DevOps principles. But what about testing? You want to ensure a controlled environment for developing and enable continuous integration testing?

Service Virtualization

  • Unable to achieve desired test coverage because of unexpected problems?
  • Experiencing gaps in agile software development due unavailability of certain systems?
  • Cannot establish complete test environment? Systems are too expensive to set up in a test environment (hardware, experts)?
  • High cost in testing phase due to third-party services?
  • Teams in standby because they are waiting for others?
  • Problems with managing test data? Difficult to fetch required data? Test data expires too quickly?

We know how to address these issues…

Automate testing as much as possible and move it to the left (Shift Left).

Service virtualization simulates real system behavior to eliminate system test dependencies and reduce the setup and infrastructure costs of traditional testing environments and help to do earlier, more complete and faster testing.

With Service Virtualization we can ensure a controlled environment for developing and enable continuous integration testing.

Increase your software quality by test automation

Automatic regression API testing
  • Developing systems without a graphical interface? You have problems testing it? Not enough technical knowledge?
  • Problems with maintenance of a large number of automated GUI tests? Execution is taking too long?
  • You want to reduce the overhead of automating GUI testing? Maintain or even increase the quality of your software?

Why to add testing at the API layer?
  • API tests can be created before the GUI is finished.
  • API tests are much more robust than UI tests
  • Services are not changing so often as GUI
  • Application services mainly use standard technologies while graphic interfaces are constructed from a variety of frameworks that meet the demands of today’s web applications

Test the application functionality and business rules on API level where execution is faster and maintenance is easier. Use automatic GUI testing to focus more on functionality of GUI actions/interactions.

Case example: Migration

Migration to WebSphere V9 Application Server or BPM brings new demands on applications, new libraries and improved runtime environment, which demands application changes/improvements to run on a new version.

This is a matter of application execution performance on a new version.

CROZ can help by:
  • Capturing the state of the application performance (performance data) using IBM Rational Performance Tester and other tools for system monitoring and analysis
  • Comparing performance data before and after migration and create recommendations after analysis
  • Helping improve application performance, if needed, with additional testing, performance monitoring and analysis


  • Its own testing centre
  • Experience from many different projects
  • Staying on top of current trends
  • Working with latest technologies
  • Constant improvement and education of our experts
  • Large knowledge base and wide portfolio of CROZ services
  • Comprehensive approach to the customers' situation

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