Managed Services Solutions

ESB Managed Services will make all your integrations work in perfect harmony 

Our client is a worldwide car rental company. Meeting their customers driving needs 24/7 is their core business. This means that the implemented technology must provide round the clock support. In order to meet these challenges, the client uses Enterprise Bus System based on IBM Integration Bus and IBM MQ solutions.

We put together a team of always available experts that were in charge of continuous improvement of the platform. This was crucial in order for the platform to support the core business 24/7.

CROZ team successfully adapted the solutions to very specific client needs and kept integrating new components to the system (such as IBM DataPower or IBM API Connect). This way the technology was constantly fine-tuned according to the business needs without the client investing into additional resources.

Secure. Integrate. Control. Optimize.  
All that and more with DataPower Managed Services. 

One of the leading home improvement retailers in Europe began to offer interior design and ordering application to the end customers. To meet this task IBM DataPower was implemented.

The main challenge were difficulties in acquiring knowledge from a remote team and the fact that only a part of the management activities were automated during the implementation.

To tackle this challenging situation, CROZ team brought together a mobile group of specialists that conducted periodical on-site visits. Additionally, CROZ team automated the rest of critical activities (such as: failover process, development, delivery and configuration changes), creating an advantage out of a potentially critical and costly situation.

Accelerate software delivery with CLM Managd Services

A world-leading hearing aid manufacturer established a Collaborative Lifecycle Management platform mostly based on IBM solutions such as Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager, DOORS and DOORS Next Generation.

The client faced a common challenge with CLM – it requires system engineer competences as well as understanding of Collaboration Lifecycle Management processes. In the beginning, our client adopted QA processes supported by CLM platform but the workflow has been changed and the CLM platform wasn’t adjusted to follow it.

After organizing on-board activity and on-site workshops during the Managed Service project, an experienced CROZ team got to understand the issues that needed to be addressed with QA improvement. As a result of these activities the Managed Service practice was organized based on Agile methodology which shortened the time for the final solution to be provided.

Simplify your IT operation while increasing service quality

One of the biggest Croatian banks ran their online services on application servers like IBM WebSphere, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and Apache Tomcat.

Since banks operate in a competitive, retail-like environment, their IT departments face constant business pressure to perform. In this case the IT department was struggling to keep up the pace with both the technology challenges and very demanding project deadlines.

The client understood that they could increase the quality of their applications runtime environment by using some trusted external help. So they brought in a CROZ team of experts that drove the project from first deployment to successful live production. This lead to improved day-to-day operations and a smooth-running workflow.

Advance your core business with IBM Mainframe Managed Services

Our client is one of the largest manufacturing, engineering, construction, distribution, and service business companies in the Middle East. At first our task was to lead a complex IBM mainframe system preparation for SAP implementation which our team successfully completed.

Bringing new technology brings new value as well as new challenges. In this particular case, we encountered a situation where a new SAP system required tremendous human resources from our client and threatened to take the focus away from their core business.

We deployed a special dedicated CROZ team of highly specialized mainframe specialists with over 150 years of combined experience that made sure that the transition went smoothly. After that our team continued to support our client by organizing workshops and working together in order to further build the clients team knowledge.

This is how CROZ team took care of the technology so the client could focus on its core business.