Talos BPM Toolkit specification

Talos BPM toolkit includes the following functionalities:

  • Creation of BPM topology via Talos GUI
    1. By creating a topology internal Talos object graph gets created, which is comprised of middleware instances and its configuration objects, all meshed together. Creating a topology does not create new middleware instances
  • Requesting discovery of BPM topology, in two ways
    1. by providing Talos with SSH credentials of a host on which BPM deployment manager is installed and allowing it to run wsadmin.sh
    2. by providing Talos with deployment manager SOAP URL via which the toolkit intends to execute AdminTask commands
  • Reading BPM configuration about installed BPM applications by endeavouring to read the entire configuration (object tree) from BPM Process Center (via SOAP or SSH) and filtering out unnecessary information
  • Creating templates on top of BPM topology
    1. The toolkit will attempt to export selected BPM applications if container, track & snapshot acronyms were selected.
  • Applying templates to existing middleware with the purpose to install BPM applications. Note: Payload should be created before applications can be installed.
    1. Application information is extracted from Process Center, and installed on Process Server. Although Process Center and Server can be associated to each other, BPM toolkit doesn’t assume that this is the case.
    2. By applying a template, only configuration and applications are applied regardless of the middleware information present. Middleware is therefore not provisioned in this operation.

Systems Requirements

  • Inherited from Talos software installation
    1. Java Runtime Environment version 7 or later
    2. Talos license
    3. Talos installation including
      – Talos core server
      – Installation Manager
      – WebSphere Application Server
      – IBM Http Server

Versions Supported

  • IBM BPM Standard v8.5.6