Testing Centre

Due to the constant race for new functionality, the pace of software development is tremendously increasing. Unfortunately, because of that rapidity, software quality often becomes questionable as a result of often neglected testing. Therefore, significant errors in the software work are discovered late and the cost of correcting errors, and thus indirectly software development, is increased drastically and sometimes greatly exceeds the costs of continuous and timely testing.

With lifelong software development for our clients, we have gained experience and knowledge in development methodologies, process of testing, various types and testing techniques on different technologies and platforms. Encouraged by our customers’ satisfaction and excellent results of our projects, we decided to round up our offer in that field. We formed a testing team that is eager to provide you with quality software testing service or provide consulting services during implementation of testing process or the software testing.

With our testing centre, we strive to expand a positive trend of quality care and propose quality outsourcing testing service to all interested partners.

We offer the following services:

  • Implementation of quality management system
  • Assistance with developing test methodology, test strategy, test plans and test cases
  • Consulting and education on the static testing
  • Consulting and education on the unit and integration testing
  • Outsourcing of testing team or consulting during
    • Functional testing
    • Performance testing
    • Security and penetration testing
  • Education for work with testing tools

Contact us by mail croz@croz.net and lets talk about how can we improve your business processes.