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Harmony of nature and technology at the forefront of CROZ

16. 12. 2017

Helen's work is the first of five art solutions to be chosen as part of the collaboration between Croatian association of artist and CROZ

Artwork by graphic artist Helena Klakočar saw the light of a day on December 13, 2017, on a forefront of the CROZ building in Zagreb, near the crossroads of Slavonska avenue and Avenue Marin Držić. Helen’s work is the first of five art solutions that were chosen as part of the collaboration between the Croatian association of artist and CROZ company in the upcoming year. During three months, thousands of people will have the opportunity to realize the importance of the harmony of ecology and technological progress, which is shown on the billboard size 12×4.80 m.

“We are aware of the importance of economic sector in combat between climate change so in days when the One Planet Summit is held in Paris, this is our contribution. Instead of usual commercial billboards we wanted to bring a breath of art into our environment, but also in sight of all of those who pass by our building every day. We achieved the inclusion of artists in the business environment through collaboration with Croatian association of artist. Helen’s work that shows the harmony of nature and technology delighted me and I look forward to future art solutions that will arise from this cooperation.” said Vjekoslav Jadrešić, CROZ’s CEO, when presenting Helen’s work on the facade of the CROZ building.

Helena, in her work as an author of graphic novels, questions the relationship and advocates the harmony between ecology and technological progress. She says: “Even if they answer the questions whether, for example, in the future, robot bees will pollinate the flowers or will they break the natural course of things or will the flying robots do it, like in some dystopian scenarios, become weapons in unguarded hands, we do not know, counteracting the technological progress makes no sense. Progress needs to be accepted, but we are here to find ways in which technology will contribute, instead of devastate our environment, food and air.” Helena also added that artists can visualize today’s changing situation through different art strategies and that they use the virtual world by introducing it in connection with reality or using narrative methods that should show the possible unknown roads where humanity could be found in future.

Artistic work on CROZ building

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