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IBM MQ: Keep it Running and Supported

16. 04. 2020

Here is what you have to know if you need upgrading your IBM MQ.
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IBM MQ 8.0.x will reach End of Support on April, 30th 2020.

  • Older versions are already out of support. We strongly recommend upgrading to latest version of MQ code which is 9.1.4. Depending on your needs for high availability, security and optionally optimizing file transfer process under one platform by using MQ manage file transfer feature, MQ Advanced edition could be your right choice. It provides options to:
  • Increase security by introducing end-to-end message encryption
  • New MQ replicated data Queue Manager High Availability option
  • Establish file transfer network under one platform

No matter the edition, new MQ version offers the following benefits:

  • Easier MQ cluster administration
  • Ability to issue MQSC trough JSON REST API calls and integrate it with custom made monitoring software (like Graphana with Prometeus)
  • More automated and reliable application balancing by usind CCDT with queue manager groups
  • Stronger TLS CipherSpec
  • QM Internet Pass Trough as part of basic installation for implementing MQ proxy
  • Docker container support for implementation on OpenShift


We provide any type of upgrade (single stage, multi stage or side-by-side) depending on how MQ is implemented and used in your IT architecture.

Still not sure about when and how to start upgrading your IBM Middleware? Contact CROZ for help, we have vast experience in helping companies across Europe keeping their IBM Middleware running and supported in the most effective and optimal way!

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