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CROZ Offers ISTQB Course and Certification

10. 02. 2022

At CROZ, we offer the opportunity of attending an ISTQB preparation course by the Foundation level 2018 syllabus and taking the certificate.

ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualification Board) is a world-leading organization aiming to improve knowledge on software testing. The members of the organization are some of the greatest experts in the field of software testing. One of the goals of the organization is to share knowledge between community members from different parts of the world.

The official ISTQB website offers a range of certificates that are constantly updated. There are currently 17 certificates of different levels of expertise and specific topics they cover. All the offered certificates represent internationally recognized evidence of acquired knowledge in a particular field – specialization in software testing.


ISTQB certificate offer

ISTQB Certificate Offer / istqb.org

The ISTQB Foundation Level Certified Tester is a prerequisite for all other certificates. By passing this certificate, an individual proves knowledge of a wide range of basic concepts in testing such as test team organization, test case design, test management, test process, types of testing, regression testing, risk-based approach to testing, the correct way to report errors in the system. This certificate is intended primarily for testers and test managers but is also suitable for anyone who uses the basics of testing. These can be business analysts, project managers, consultants, and many others.

ISTQB Foundation Level

ISTQB Foundation Level Contents / istqb.org

At CROZ, we offer the opportunity to attend a course that accompanies the Foundation level 2018 syllabus and is excellent preparation for taking the certificate of the same name. In addition to lectures, course participants receive ISTQB-accredited materials for individual certificate preparation. Under the guidance of a lecturer, they address issues similar to those that arise when taking a certificate.

The groups on the course are small, so the lecturer can dedicate time to each student. After the course, you can also apply to take the ISTQB Foundation Level exam and obtain a basic certificate.

The course is available in live and online version. The duration of the live course is 3 days while the online version lasts 5 days with a shorter daily duration. If you are interested in the ISTQB course or certification, contact the CROZ edu center at learn@croz.net.

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