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It is good to do good (applications for children with complex communication needs)

17. 05. 2013

A multidisciplinary team of four faculties worked on a series of applications for people with complex communication needs.

A multidisciplinary team of four faculties (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, Faculty of Graphic Arts, Faculty of Philosophy) worked during the year 2012 on researching and solving complex problems of supported communication which are based on information and communication technology for people with complex communications needs. The project was completed with extensive catalog and series of applications for iPad tablets, including the communicator. Communicator allows people with complex communication needs easier communication with the environment, in a manner that instead of the user, it pronounces certain terms. During the first months of using, application has proven very useful and interesting for children with complex communication needs and the parents are also interested in the Android version.

Information about the above-mentioned need (and the entire project) came to us, so we decided to donate iPad, spend a part of our time and make Android application. Communicator was one of our smaller projects, but considering the purpose; final users, certainly one of our favorites. IPad and application are now owned by the new project, which has won financial assets of the pre-accession EU funds, and we will be happy to help them in the future.

You can read more about the project on http://www.ict-aac.hr/index.php/en, and you can find the application on Google Play. Let us know if you get inspired!

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