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Linux on z Systems novelties

03. 02. 2016

Our mainframe experts prepared a list of the most interesting news published in the past year related to Linux on z Systems.

Our mainframe experts prepared a list of the most interesting news published in the past year related to Linux on z Systems. Check out what IBM prepared, what are they planing in the near future and what are the benefits that these novelties bring to mainframe customers.

Support for KVM

One of the obstacles for the mainframe implementation as a hosting platform for virtualization servers was the necessity of investing in the skills of working with z/VM. Recently, instead of z/VM as the hypervisor KVM can be used, which allows easier and faster adoption of the mainframe platform for users who already have knowledge and experience with KVM.

Expanding the list of software products and solutions

List of software products and solutions which can be implemented on Linux on zSystems is expanded. The latest stuff are Docker, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Spark, Hadoop and others.

Ubuntu on Linux on z Systems

Canonical and IBM are working on plans to make Ubuntu distribution of Linux on z. Details can be found on this link.

Support for VMware tools

This support actually means that virtual servers under z/VM or a KVM on z Systems can be managed by VMware vRealize Automation product used in cloud environments for automation and control. The connection between the Systems and vRealize Automation is achieved by using the OpenStack open source cloud operating system.


Behind this name on the one hand lies a new portfolio of hardware, software and service solutions, and on the other one there are two versions of mainframe servers offered, with which only Linux operating systems can be consolidated. LinuxONE Emperor, according to IBM, is the most advanced Linux server with the fastest processor. It is able to host up to 8,000 virtual machines and hundreds of thousands of containers. Hardware that lies beneath this server is the latest IBM mainframe generation z13. Slightly smaller and weaker version of Linux on the server is called LinuxONE Rockhopper.

Together with this announcement comes as well the one about new payment method for hardware and software for Linux on z. According to the announcement, LinuxONE users will be able to manage costs flexibly, so that they pay for the hardware and software in accordance with usage. Thereby they could start at low costs and investments, and later as the usage of the machines increases, so does the price. Payments are made in monthly installments. This method of payment for software is present from the beginning for the old (legacy) mainframe operating systems and products.

Our experts will help you to take the best of the many advantages that Linux on z Systems brings. The following are just some of them:

  • Reduce operational and maintenance costs
  • Reduce licenses costs
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Business continuity improvement

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