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          The Humans of CROZ wish you a cheerful holidays


          We at CROZ love holidays. After we finish all our work as busy elves, we enjoy sparkling lights, Christmas cookies and mulled wine. But all of that wouldn’t mean anything if we didn’t have each other. That’s why we dedicated the whole of 2022 to the humans of CROZ. While brainstorming about our 2022 calendar, we decided to show CROZ is more than just a building, more than just a bunch of projects. People are the ones making CROZ and that’s the idea behind our 2022 calendar we made with a great crew from Portfolio by Grozić Studio.

          The Humans of CROZ

          We believe in our tribe, a sum of happy and motivated individuals. Some of us are crazy extroverts, the others are shy, speedy or slow, thin or bulky. We are pursuing our personal paths to happiness. Together, like a puzzle, we make a tribe. Meet the humans of CROZ.

          Twelve months isn’t even near enough to fit all of us, but we tried to cover as much as we could to show what we do and who we are. From student projects, community contribution, ecology awareness, DevOps world, the future of artificial intelligence, product development and mainframe, and more.

          Sharing is Caring

          But holidays are about sharing, and that’s why CROZ, instead of buying gifts, every year donates to those in need. Don’t you worry, we always make sure your gifts go into the right hands. This year we donated to the association of parents of children with disabilities Brački pupoljci.
          In a generous spirit, we say goodbye to 2021 and wish you a very merry Christmas and a delightful 2022.

          Why is work-life balance so important?



          Greater work-life balance means better performance, job satisfaction and productivity.

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