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          What is IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management


          For a long time, we have been talking about the Jazz platform and IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management with all including ALM tools. From the version 7.0.0 all the tools collected under IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management faced the rebranding.

          There is no Rational in the name of the tools anymore, it has been renamed into Engineering and all of the tools changed the GUI design and got new names.

          The rebranding has clearly announced IBM’s orientation to enterprise and system engineering, and those improvements go in the same direction. Version 7.0 is focused on improving scalability and performance, mostly required from huge systems with requirements of millions stored and linked objects in the system.

          • DNG 7.0 improved architecture, scalability and performances several times, to support 20 000 000 objects per server
          • Besides RTC, from 7.0 RQM supports clustering as well, the expectation is that even DNG supports clustering in the next versions.
          • Global Configuration improved graphical interface, to be more user friendly
          • IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody – Model Manager provides Rational Rhapsody features in the web interfaces, what improves linking and collaboration across the platform

          All those huge improvements present just a starting point for the list of expected smaller improvements that we are looking for.

          It is important to mention serious improvements in the domain of ReqIF exchange. From 7.0 ReqIf import in DNG supports access control of import, over artefacts and type system, supports tagging of artefacts removed from last exchange (deleted/removed) and seriously improves the types system mapping between two exchange sides.

          And the announcement for the end – 7.0.1 release is here, just behind the corner, expected very soon…

          I am looking forward to it ….


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