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Prolifics & CROZ – A Powerful Partnership for IBM Integration

The strategic partnership between Prolifics and CROZ leverages combined expertise in IBM and RedHat technologies to deliver enhanced business solutions and foster market competitiveness.


The collaboration between Prolifics and CROZ has strengthened over five years, enhancing both companies' ability to deliver superior technology solutions. This partnership has expanded their service offerings, blending deep IBM technology expertise with new capabilities in RedHat technologies and cloud solutions, facilitating a strategic and holistic approach to the market.



“CROZ is working with Prolifics with the IBM technologies and projects but is also bringing new expertise and skills.”

-Mike Owen-Lloyd, CEO, Prolifics

Prolifics UK and CROZ have worked closely together for more than 5 years. The main driver of our partnership is to provide top quality services and solutions to our clients. By combining expertise and experience from both companies we are able to extend our offering and be more competitive in the marketplace.

Even though we come from different geographies, we quickly discovered the similarity of our ‘corporate’ culture and we share common values, principles, and way of working. Both partners are focused on deep technology expertise and transforming that into real business benefits for our clients.

Prolifics main strength is within IBM Integration portfolio and they are definitely a ‘go to’ partner when it comes to interconnecting systems, companies, on-prem and/or cloud solutions. Their expertise is primarily based around the following IBM technologies:

– Integration Bus / IBM App Connect Enterprise
– MQ
– DataPower Gateway
– API Connect



PSD2 is another key area of expertise, Prolifics have both deep domain and technology knowledge. Their asset offers PSD2 ready sandbox built on top of IBM middleware.

CROZ is working with Prolifics with the above-mentioned technologies and projects but is also bringing new expertise and skills to the table including:

– RedHat OpenShift
– RedHat Ansible
– Cloud Native and Microservices
– Enterprise Java

Over the years Prolifics recognized CROZ as a trusted partner. What started as staff augmentation has grown into a high trust relationship. Today, we are working together in a strategic way which includes sales and strategy planning, joint approach to the market, sharing experiences and practices.

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