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          z/OS Connect course - free introduction video module!


          Do you know how to reach your legacy applications and data on z/OS and make it part of your API economy for mobile and cloud applications? You might consider using IBM z/OS Connect.

          z/OS Connect is designed to provide a fast, secure, reliable connector to reach any z/OS asset. z/OS Connect provides a standard way to identify these assets and reach the assets using REST technology. Where these assets run is specified in the z/OS Connect configuration, relieving clients’ applications in the cloud, mobile, and web worlds of the need to understand the details about how to reach them and how to convert payloads to and from the formats that the applications require.

          z/OS Connect adds value for z/OS customers by enabling users to consolidate multiple client connect pathways into a single common gateway or concentrator for synchronous calls to reach business assets and data on z/OS operating systems. Virtually any z/OS asset, applications and data, can be reached by using standard REST HTTP calls.

          For those who want to learn more about z/OS Connect CROZ developed z/OS Connect online course. You can check introduction module and if you are interested to go through the rest of the course please contact us at


          Dejan is mainframe team leader at CROZ. In his career he has been working as a consultant for various products including Db2 for z/OS, WebSphere Application Server for z/OS and Omegamon products on z/OS.


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