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CROZ and Starburst Form a Dynamic Partnership to Revolutionize Data Access and Analytics

07. 02. 2024

CROZ and Starburst Form a Dynamic Partnership to Revolutionize Data Access and Analytics

We are excited to announce that CROZ and Starburst formed a partnership! Starburst offers a full-featured data lake analytics platform, built on open source Trino. Starburst is the perfect analytics engine for Data Mesh architecture as it enables to discover, organize and consume distributed data without the need for time-consuming and costly migrations. Starburst queries data across any database, making it instantly actionable for data-driven companies. With Starburst, teams can lower the total cost of their infrastructure and analytics investments, prevent vendor lock-in, and use the existing tools that work for their business. Trusted by companies around the world like Comcast, Bank of America, and Zalando, Starburst helps companies make better decisions faster on all data.


The Power of CROZ

CROZ has established itself as a prominent player in the software development arena, known for its innovative solutions and deep understanding of complex technological landscapes. With a focus on digital transformation, CROZ has helped numerous enterprises across various industries harness the power of technology to drive business success. By joining forces with Starburst, CROZ aims to enhance its data-centric offerings and deliver even greater value to its clients.

Unleashing the Power of Data

Data has become the lifeblood of modern businesses, providing critical insights that drive growth, efficiency, and competitive advantage. However, accessing and analyzing vast amounts of data has often proven to be a complex and time-consuming task. Recognizing this challenge, CROZ and Starburst have united their strengths to simplify and streamline the data access and analytics process, enabling organizations to make faster, smarter, and more informed decisions.

The Innovation of Starburst

Starburst has gained recognition for its revolutionary open-source analytics platform, enabling seamless access to data from multiple sources, including data lakes, data warehouses, and other disparate systems. Leveraging the power of open source Trino (previously Presto), Starburst simplifies data access and empowers organizations to unlock valuable insights without the need for complex data integration. On top of open-source Trino, Starburst developed numerous features related to performance, security and governance that are mandatory for modern data-driven enterprises. One feature that needs to be pointed out is the ability to create, manage and share data products in the Starburst platform, which boosts productivity, enforces governance best practices and helps organizations on their data mesh journey.

The Synergy of the Partnership

The partnership between CROZ and Starburst is rooted in a shared vision of democratizing data access and empowering organizations to become truly data-driven. By combining CROZ’s expertise in software development and digital transformation with Starburst’s cutting-edge analytics technology, the partnership seeks to remove barriers to data accessibility and provide businesses with a comprehensive suite of data solutions.

“We are thrilled to welcome CROZ as a Starburst Consulting Partner. CROZ’s domain and technical expertise will support Starburst in Croatia and the DACH region. Through our joint offerings, helping our customers get to insights faster and accelerate their time to value.”

– Toni Adams, SVP, Alliances

Key Benefits for Businesses

Through this collaboration, businesses can expect a host of benefits that will revolutionize the way they interact with data:

1. Simplified Data Access: The partnership aims to eliminate the complexities associated with accessing and integrating disparate data sources, enabling organizations to leverage their data assets seamlessly.

2. Enhanced Analytics Capabilities: By leveraging Starburst’s powerful analytics platform, businesses can gain deep insights and make informed decisions faster, giving them a significant competitive edge.

3. Improved Operational Efficiency: Streamlining the data access process translates into improved operational efficiency, allowing organizations to allocate more time and resources to critical business activities.

4. Cost Savings: The partnership seeks to provide cost-effective data solutions by eliminating the need for expensive data integration projects and reducing the overall time and effort required for data analysis.

For organizations that are on a data mesh journey, or just want to simplify data access and embrace self-service analytics, while keeping the costs down, Starburst could be the way to go.

In case of have any questions regarding Starburst or any data-related topic, you can reach us through our email ➡️ sales@croz.net or any other digital channel you prefer.

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