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Q&A: Keep Your Red Hat Fuse Running and Updated

15. 04. 2020

Here is what you need to know if you are considering upgrading your Red Hat Fuse.
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      1. Q: What are currently supported versions of Red Hat Fuse?

Currently, there are two major supported versions of Red Hat Fuse:
Fuse 6.x
GA: April, 2013
End of Full Support: July 2018
End of Maintenance Support: January 2020
End of ELS1: January 2024
End of ELS2: January 2025

Fuse 7.x
GA: April, 2018
End of Full Support: May 2021
End of Maintenance Support: May 2023
End of ELS1: May 2025
End of ELS2: not announced

Full Support: support + patches + improvements
Maintenance Support: support + patches
Extended Life Support (ELS) 1: support + critical patches
Extended Life Support (ELS) 2: support

Q: Should I migrate to Fuse 7.x?

Your existing Fuse 6 applications will continue to work as before but you should think about creating new applications using the latest Fuse version. At some point in the future, migration of existing Fuse 6 applications will be necessary if you want to keep Red Hat support for them.

Q: How to migrate to latest Fuse version?

Migration is described in details on Red Hat pages but basically you should read Migration to Fuse 7.0 and then Migration to Fuse 7.5.1 (latest version at the time of writing this document).

There is no automated migration – you will have to rebuild and redeploy you applications to use the latest Fuse version.

Q: What are benefits of the latest Fuse version?

The latest Fuse version family ensures you Red Hat support availability.

The latest Fuse version updates a lot of frameworks and libraries used by Fuse and provides many new features. Tooling support in IDEs you use to develop Fuse application is improved between versions. In many cases new version could make your development process faster and give you more tools to use.

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