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Summer Internship at CROZ: Spending the Summer in Zagreb was Worth It

14. 01. 2020

If you want to feel accepted, understood and stimulated for new challenges, apply for Summer Accelerator - a student internship program at CROZ.

When I applied to Summer Accelerator, a student internship program in CROZ, they promised me working on a real project, learning interesting stuff and having fun. Now, I can tell that I’ve got much more.

If you want to experience the same thing, keep on reading.

I wanted to prepare myself for the business world after college and to improve my skills in data analysis. A summer internship seemed like a good idea so I did research and opted for CROZ because it just left a different impression among a bunch of companies. The first contact with mentors was at the interview, a comfortable conversation with a lot of useful information and encouraging words. All of that confirmed me they were a company full of friendly professionals who love to share their knowledge and experiences.

During the internship our team worked on business advancement for one of the leading retail companies. Our idea was to improve the business of a warehouse by route optimization and reassortment. During the process, we improved our SQL skills by using different data management systems like Oracle, DB2 and My SQL. Also, we understood why dimensional modelling has emerged as the leading architecture for building integrated DW/BI systems. A new technology for all of us was DataStage, a tool that extracts, transforms and loads data from source to the target. Speaking of new skills that we gained during the internship, there is Apache Spark, an analytics engine for big data processing. For data visualization and business reporting, we learned how to use IBM Cognos Analytics with the foundation in a dimensional model made in IBM Framework Manager.

Data Engineering Team

Great project but even greater team

The most important thing during the internship was teamwork. I had the opportunity to learn a lot, not just from great mentors, but from excellent teammates. The day would begin with resuming progress and brainstorming for further steps while each idea was equally valuable. Mentors were available anytime with constant support and motivation. Besides technical skills, they helped us improve more important practices like how to always and unconditionally respect and support teammates and accept different opinions. There were a lot of occasions for exchanging ideas and tips with other teams and mentors. Also, every week there were interesting workshops to awaken the importance of teamwork, communication and mutual respect. This internship was equally great for learning and for making friends and having fun.

Sounds idealistic? It is even better! The best proof of internship value is that I started working at CROZ after the internship. We have a great working environment, the best parties and always fun team-building activities.

If you want to feel accepted, understood and stimulated for new challenges, apply for Summer Accelerator. Bookmark our Careers@CROZ page or follow CROZ on LinkedIn and Facebook to find out when applications are open.

The only thing expected from you is to bring your enthusiasm and willingness to learn and cooperate with other team members. Come, and join our team!

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