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          React beginner course

          React beginner course

          Duration 3 days

          In recent years, web application requirements have evolved significantly, emphasizing the demand for highly interactive and dynamic user interfaces. Main objective of the course is to provide comprehensive understanding of React design patterns used to develop UIs that relay on server-side data so that developers can more effectively build solutions that meet client requirements. Participants will also learn how to set up React projects with industry standard tools to aid the development process.


          To ensure a successful learning experience, participants should possess the following foundational skills:


          · Web Development Proficiency: Ability to design and construct web pages using HTML for structure, CSS for styling, and JavaScript for interactivity.


          · Understanding of RESTful Services: Familiarity with the principles of REST APIs, including the creation and consumption of RESTful services.


          · Client-Server Architecture Knowledge: A grasp of client-server dynamics, particularly how web clients communicate with servers to retrieve and send data.


          Participants are expected to have practical experience with these concepts, as they form the basis for more advanced topics covered in this course.

          Target audience

          This course is intended for web developers that want to elevate their UI creation skills from static HTML to dynamic, interactive user interfaces using React. Whether they are seasoned developers aiming to integrate into teams focused on highly interactive UIs, or junior developers keen to learn React, this course will serve as a springboard for their React learning process. Additionally, UI/UX designers seeking to transition into UI development with a focus on displaying server-side data, as well as data engineers aspiring to visualize data through custom UI solutions, will find this course beneficial.

          Course content

          · Tool overview (npm/yarn, Vite, Volta, ESLint, Prettier…)
          · Intro to React (komponente, JSX, props, state, hooks)
          · Render, lifecycle, writing our first components
          · Use of states, props and effects
          · Debugging
          · Styling component
          · Work with input fields
          · Context
          · Fetch API
          · Routing, error handling
          · Build and deploy theory


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