Duration: 3 days

React Beginner Course

Learn key React skills for dynamic UI development.


This course offers a deep dive into React, equipping participants with the ability tо create dynamic, interactive user interfaces that leverage server-side data. It covers essential React design patterns and project setup using industry-standard tools.

What you will learn
Tool setup: npm, Vite, ESLint Fundamentals: JSX, props, state, hooks Techniques: rendering, lifecycle management Advanced skills: routing, debugging, deployment
Course Introduction

As web applications grow increasingly interactive, understanding React becomes essential for developers. This course lays the foundation for building sophisticated user interfaces that respond seamlessly tо user interactions and data changes. By mastering React, participants will enhance their ability tо develop client-side applications that are both efficient and scalable.



Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding оf React’s capabilities and design patterns. They will learn tо build and deploy interactive UIs efficiently.



  • Web developers upgrading UI skills
  • Seasoned developers іn interactive UI teams
  • Junior developers starting with React
  • UI/UX designers moving tо UI development
  • Data engineers involved іn UI solutions


3 days


Day 1: React and Environment Setup

  • Overview оf tools (npm, Vite, ESLint)
  • Introduction tо React: components, JSX, props

Day 2: Deep Dive into React’s Core

  • Understanding states, props, and effects
  • Lifecycle methods and rendering components

Day 3: Advanced React Techniques

  • Fetch API, context, and routing
  • Error handling, building, and deployment strategies
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