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          It is time to plan your DataPower Firmware upgrade before you are left without support

          clock3 minute read


          If you are an IBM DataPower user and you are on firmware version 7.6.x , 7.5.x, or 6.0.2 it’s time to plan the upgrade as IBM announced support discontinuance, but some replacements are available.

          Support officially ended on December 31st 2019. Contact us for help if you need assistance in getting your environment up to date!

          The latest version (V2018.4.1.0) is bringing lots of new capabilities. It is designed to provide the most secure API Gateway on the market with increased performance and scalability. You can check more about new capabilities in the section below.

          As one of the leading DataPower services provider in Europe we are providing full range of services around IBM DataPower such as:

          • architecture planning and design,
          • initial installation and configuration,
          • troubleshooting,
          • Managed Services (SLA, Incidents, Operations),
          • health check,
          • development and customization.


          DataPower Gateway V2018.4.1.0 LTSR capabilities

          V2018.4.1.0 is a Long Term Support Release (LTSR).


          • New, API Gateway service with persisted configuration for enhanced resiliency
          • New, improved assembly actions for the API gateway, such as:
          • Switch action that evaluates the input context against a list of conditions and runs the corresponding API rule.
          • Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT) action that runs a stylesheet for the payload and headers of messages from the API context.
          • JavaScript™ Object Notation (JSON) to Extensible Markup Language (XML) and XML to JSON action that converts the payload of an API message from JSON format to the equivalent XML format and vice versa.
          • Parse action that controls the parsing of an input document from the API context.
          • Set variables action that sets, adds, or clears the variables in the API context.
          • Customizable messages available in the throw action policy.
          • Dynamic object configuration support for Parse and OAuth policies.
          • New User Security assembly action that provides independent identity extraction, authentication and authorization capabilities.
          • New support for Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) APIs and new algorithms for signing JSON Web Token (JWT) for the new generate and validate JWT action
          • New Open Authorization (OAuth) provider settings used to support OpenID Connect (OIDC) and Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE)
          • Increased operational resiliency when providing gateway service for API Connect comply with the Open Banking Security Profile standard
          • DataPower Gateway now has a new date-based versioning scheme that is defined by year, quarter, and release. Version 2018.4 is the long-term support release that replaces the previously shipped DataPower Gateway V7.7.x continuous delivery (CD) update packages.


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