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CROZ Managed Services for IBM DataPower Gateway

21. 04. 2017

With our full Managed Services offering, we can take control and manage your entire DataPower estate.

At CROZ, we have been big proponents of DataPower for close to 10 years. Multiple deployments and many customized services later, we have found that this solid and reliable technology offers many benefits to customers across a variety of use cases.

Our customers rely on their DataPower appliances to keep their businesses running, so our DataPower Managed Services offering gives them the assurance that these mission-critical systems will have the expertise required to deal with any issue when they need it most.

We offer customized Manage Services, designed specifically to meet your DataPower needs and requirements, whether you need:

  • Monitoring of appliances or individual services
  • Log management
  • Management of DataPower firmware updates
  • Consulting on service development, architecture, or refactoring of existing services
  • Automation of DataPower administrative tasks (such as backups and environment migrations)
  • Issue management and remediation (including managing PMRs with IBM on your behalf)
  • Integrating DataPower into your DevOps pipeline

CROZ has your DataPower Manage Services needs covered.

Monitoring and log management are two critical areas of DataPower administration, and CROZ can assist your Operations to design and implement a robust solution that meets your specific needs. No matter if you need plain SNMP monitoring, integration with IBM Application Performance Management (APM), or IBM DataPower Operations Dashboard (DPOD), we can help.

DataPower Operations Dashboard
IBM DataPower Operations Dashboard (DPOD) is a non-intrusive, completely asynchronous, and highly scalable tool for the centralized monitoring and troubleshooting of all your DataPower devices. It enables users to gain real-time visibility of DataPower operational and performance aspects as well as statistics, historical analysis, trends, alerts, reports, and more. With the ability to drill-down to the detailed logs of every transaction and follow cross-device transactions, DataPower Operations Dashboard gives you a comprehensive overview of all your DataPower devices.

System maintenance
IBM publishes regular firmware updates for DataPower, CROZ can manage these critical system updates for you, working with your Operations team towards achieving zero downtime for your mission-critical DataPower services.

Do you need new services developed, want to engage one of our DataPower experts to discuss service architecture, or the refactoring of existing services? CROZ can help guide your DataPower development and deployment plan to identify the most effective use of the technology to meet your goals and objectives.

Issue management and remediation
Every once in a while, something goes sideways. It happens, and when it does, CROZ DataPower experts will assist your teams in identifying and remediating issues in a timely manner. No matter where in your infrastructure the issue originates from, our seasoned experts will help your Network and Operations teams identify possible causes and respond appropriately.

Now, with DataPower as an optional Secure Gateway for both API Connect and Bluemix, automation and integration of DataPower into your DevOps pipeline is more critical than ever. Even without the cloud integration, DataPower and you can benefit from applying DevOps practices to service lifecycle development on DataPower. Automation of service or application domain exports and imports, service builds and deployment, environment promotion, integration with automated testing efforts, these are just an idea of how we can help with your automation and DevOps needs for DataPower.

With our full Managed Services offering, we can take control and manage your entire DataPower estate for you: working with your Operations team to design the ideal environment for our mutual cooperation and coordination for all your DataPower needs. We will take care of appliance and service monitoring, firmware updates, issue management and remediation, handling service requests (PMRs) with IBM on your behalf, even new DataPower service development.

CROZ can meet your DataPower Managed Services needs.

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