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cDocs – BPM platform from CROZ

07. 09. 2012

cDocs is a business process and document management platform for middle and large organizations that wish to work systematically on the informatization.

The platform solution is aimed at middle and large organizations that wish to work systematically on the informatization of their business processes. In its core, cDocs is a business process and document management platform that comes with several default modules: Inbox, Outbox, Internal mail, Contracts, Accounts, Payments/Payouts, but also with the possibility of developing support for new and specific business processes. Our experience in business analysis helped us to customize the existing modules to suit as many out-of-the-box users as possible and modular platform enables us to completely adjust the existing modules as well as the new ones to your specific requirements.

When projecting a platform and a module that make a quality product, it was our intention to provide the maximum preservation of the investment made in IT knowledge and technologies and to prevent users from being limited to using non adjustable formats. Furthermore, the idea was not to bring additional license expenses to future users; therefore, at the very beginning we decided to integrate the most quality open source components and to develop a module on such open platform.

This is exactly the reason why the core of the system contains Alfresco Document Management System and JBoss jBPM platform for Business Process Management. Alfresco DMS is a product of Alfresco Inc. and presents a leading open source document management system. Excellent record and user scalability make the cDocs platform limitless in this sense, and our references can prove so. Alfresco, thus, in cDocs enables document capturing, storage, transmission and distribution. jBPM is a JBoss Inc. product and, again, a leading open source system for business process management.

Besides the integration of open and open source components, CROZ’s cDocs solution is based on publicly defined business process management standards – jPDL and BPEL, which means that we can project your business processes with tools we grew accustomed to, and the same goes for your business analysis departments. In case you already have the processes in BPEL language, we can build a modular IT support for their management very quickly. Also, the processes that are described and implemented in cDocs modules can be performed and analyzed in specialized tools. This one is a good team player, and we are very proud of it!

cDocs is an up-gradable and robust solution, and these characteristics derive from its two key architectural components – CROZ ECM (Enterprise Content Management) platform and module system.

ECM platform is the essence of the solution and takes care of defining and performing processes, process and document life cycle, users rights, notifications, calendar, record management (scanning, digitalization), data mining and other “mechanic” work. ECM platform is the engine of this solution, a reliable and tested one, with long life duration. It has been tested on dozens of millions of documents and thousands simultaneously active users, and can also be scalable in view of thousands of documents and dozens of users.

The module system enables effective support development for specific business processes and is a steering wheel of this solution (apologies for this lame comparison with a motor vehicle; we are better in developing solutions than writing. Having great number of options and abilities, as well as the ability to adjust to concrete requirements of the organization that will implement them, the modules that are delivered together with the product are customized in the way they suit as many users as possible. All new modules are developed in accordance with open standards together with business analysis department, and after having documented the process, in cooperation with a client.

Some of the most important characteristics of the solution are:

  • robust, powerful and flexible platform for process and document management
  • ready-to-use group of modules prepared by CROZ’s business analysis department, with the possibility of customization
  • quick and efficient preparation of new modules under unified platform, very short time-to-market for additional processes
  • notification system completely integrated with the process calendar which notifies users in background about their duties related to processes, and serves as a reminder on missed events and expiration dates
  • excellent integration with solutions for digitalization and capturing: Kofax, Kodak, Abby and other
  • integration with reporting systems such as data platform and integrated flexible reporting system
  • reliable event history
  • flexible and secure user rights system with the possibility of integration in Lotus and Active Directory authentication systems
  • integration in various IT environments, work with virtualized systems and different data bases, and different operating systems
  • integrations with Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Windows Explorer, Mac OS

References received so far have confirmed our choice of architecture and determination towards an open system, and even if we would start it all over again we would have made same decisions. Some smaller challenges related to certain components were corrected along the way by our mechanics and tool-pushers, and we shall keep the steering wheel of production on this way also in the future. Additional modules and integrations will be included in the offer with special focus on speed and simplicity of system usage. Satisfied with the accomplished, we hope that our users will recognize our effort and daylong work alongside factory sirens.

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