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New Data and Machine Learning courses are out!

04. 08. 2023

Dive in our new Data and Machine Learning courses catalog!

Everybody likes a good course or education! It is an opportunity to have dedicated time just for learning, disconnected from day-to-day duties. To have a sense of accomplishment when you learn something new which will help your work or your personal goals. All our educators work on consulting and development projects, so they must be in touch with trends in the real world. This is a constant learning experience for us as well, because the number of changes and development in data and AI has been overwhelming in the past years. The client perspective gives us insight into interesting and needed topics in business world. To support these two goals, we’ve decided to refresh our Data and ML courses, and this is the result – a new Data and Machine Learning course catalog! You can see new courses in the Data & Machine Learning category.

 So, what’s new? 

New courses

We’ve created and updated a set of Architecture and Methodology courses that cover all aspects of data management in the modern enterprise – from new architectural patterns through governance and metadata management to the principles of data engineering and data processing. Apart from old-school yet still relevant patterns, the courses also cover the latest advancements in the data world. So, if you are looking for topics like Data Products, Data Mesh, Data Fabric, Data Observability…they are included in the curriculum. 


For the first time we are introducing our Machine Learning – related courses:  

Machine Learning for Business Professionals: This introductory course presents ML concepts from a business point of view, using real-life examples to make them relatable.  Also, through hands-on workshops, participants will learn how to identify opportunities, examine and evaluate prerequisites for implementation of machine learning solution. 

Data Analysis: This course is designed for data practitioners and covers the practical and theoretical aspects of data analysis with numerous hands-on exercises. 

Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) – ML Lifecycle: Geared towards ML professionals, this course delves into the implementation and management of machine learning models throughout their lifecycle. Participants will learn how to automate processes, establish feedback loops and ensure continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD), and retraining of models.

Workshops – Customized Data courses

Since current data jobs are becoming more and more complex, with an increasing number of topics, there is no single course that could cover it all. Also, since people come from various backgrounds, there can be a different level of knowledge for topics that are taught. To adress that, apart from courses from our catalog, Learn@CROZ offers the possibility to customize courses – workshops to your needs. We can modify our courses to provide you with a more valuable experience. To give you an idea, these are just some of the options we offer:

  • Modification of Course Syllabus – Including topics that are (more) relevant to your current work, for example, if you want some course topics covered in more detail.
  • Merging of Course Syllabuses – We can merge topics and modules from different courses into one course. 
  • Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) – To make exercises more familiar to your students, we can include your data set in the hands-on exercises.  
  • Bring Your Own Use Case (BYOUC) – If you want us to address your specific business use case during the education, we can do that. Most of our courses have an initial scenario that drives the examples and exercises and we can include yours. 

Education packages – Journey

We’ve created a set of educational packages – journeys which represent a set of courses designed for specific data roles: Data Architect, Data Engineer and Data Analyst. This is our suggestion for a learning path, which we think covers the essential knowledge required for these roles. Of course, you can build your own optimal plan and cherry-pick from our course catalogue. 


If any of this sounds interesting or if you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at learn@croz.net.

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