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          Better 2021 at CROZ: Building a more successful business enterprise one month at a time


          After the clock struck twelve on the night of 31st of December 2020, the sigh of relief could be heard all around the world. Soon, however, the initial new-year enthusiasm faded away. We all realized that the “new normal” is still a part of our everyday lives and that there’s still a long road ahead before we return to the old normal.
          But we at CROZ simply couldn’t settle for this, so we decided to put all our efforts into making 2021 a better normal. Wondering how? By doing what we do best – working smarter, not harder.

          There are a few steps we take on a product development journey that help us find better solutions at any given moment. To improve the process of product development, we work towards better product management. We try to be as efficient as possible, so we always focus on better-managed services, better delivery, and better integrations. And we know that none of this could add any value to our clients if we don’t craft better solutions. We work together on removing barriers between development and operational processes promoting better DevOps culture. We’re also aware that our industry requires constant learning, so we work hard on creating the best possible Learn@CROZ courses and promoting better learning. And, of course, none of this would be possible without getting proper rest, so we’re all about having better holidays, both summer and Christmas ones.

          This is exactly what the story about CROZ is all about – constantly finding ways to work – and rest – smarter and achieve better results in all business domains. To bring our story to life, we asked our dear friend Stipan Tadić to illustrate our everyday life at CROZ. Stipan is a talented painter and comic book artist who is currently finishing his MFA degree at the prestigious Columbia University in New York. To remind us every day that 2021 truly can be better, we turned Stipan’s illustrations into a 2021 calendar.

          Each month in our calendar is illustrated by one aspect of our business and all the things that happen on a journey from the client’s initial request to delivering a finished product. In the months ahead, we will take you on this journey with us. You will read great stories about our projects, tips and tricks on how to improve your business, and we will bring you real-life examples on how to work smarter, not harder. If we were you, we’d make sure to check out CROZ news section every month not to miss any of the stories.

          We can’t promise that you’ll automatically become like people in Stipan’s illustrations, but we will inspire you to always seek room for improvement and make your 2021 better. And during this process, we will be here to help you every step of the way.


          ILLUSTRATION: Stipan Tadić

          Celebrating Women at CROZ


          We’ve asked women at CROZ how they got to where they are today and what does Each for Equal mean to them.

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