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          Mreža Smart Day 36 - Key Impacts of Product Management


          CROZ is a partner at Mreža Smart Day 36 (MSD36), which focuses on the key impacts of product management and will take place at HUB385 (Petračićeva 4, Zagreb) on February 16th, 2022, starting at 1 pm. 

          Join us on a panel discussion where we’ll break down the myth that product management is only for product-oriented organizations.

          Don’t miss the product management tips and tricks by panel experts:

          • Ana Burica, A1
          • Igor Strejček, Microblink
          • Marin Trošelj, STEMI
          • Luka Gauta, CROZ


          You can be a part of MSD36 and join us in person or online free of charge. Register your participation here!

          Mreža Smart Day 18: Digital experience – revelation

          It’s all about the product management

          Professional product management calls for a disciplined approach to ensure successful results, and product managers play a crucial role in this success.

          Successful product management goes above traditional principles. Besides financial and operational values, it must include other elements such as the alignment of market fit and continuous delivery of business value. To accomplish this, we need new skills, frameworks, approaches, and measurements that are iterative and more than ever customer-related.

          The goal of the panel is to demonstrate why all organizations (not just product-oriented ones) need to adopt the mindset which incorporates product management principles.


          Product Management and application security with Tanya Janca

          How does one go about making teams more sensible to security issues?

          Read the article


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