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          Quick and efficient – „IBM Jazz Starter Packs“ for introducing Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and collaboration tools into your organisation


          To clients who are interested in introducing IBM Jazz platform as a solution for Application Lifecycle Management we offer two “Jazz Starter Pack” solutions – a combination of tools, courses and consulting services that will help your organisation to quickly and efficiently adopt new tools and processes. These packages came as a result of years of implementing not only IBM Rational tools, but also the methodologies they support. We are aware that every client has specific needs, but based on our experience the goal is to provide the best combination of services for a reasonable price.

          If you have a small team that needs a tool to support planning, change management, collaboration and provide useful information about project status and progress to roles such as Project Manager or Scrum Master but also has very advanced Source Code Management capabilities choose the first package that includes Rational Team Concert (RTC) tool.

          1. Jazz Developer starter pack (RTC) – basic package for 10 users:
            – 10 RTC licences (Change Management, Planning, Source Code Management)
            – 2 days of installation and configuration
            – 2 days of training
            – 3 days (24h) of consulting and coaching
            + Additional RTC licences

          If your organisation has the need for advanced requirements (document) management and testing tools, but also wants to have clear visibility and traceability from requirement to implementation and finally to test cases, we recommend you choose second option that includes tools for:

          • Requirements Management (Doors Next Generation – DNG)
          • Quality Management (Rational Quality Management – RQM)
          • Reporting (Jazz Reporting Service – JRS)
          • Variant Management (Global Configuration Management – GCM)
          1. Jazz Enterprise starter pack – analysis, development, testing, reporting and variant management (DNG + RTC + RQM+ JRS + GCM):
            – 5 DNG licences
            – 5 RQM licences
            – 10 RTC licences
            – 3 days of installation and configuration
            – 5 days of training (2 RTC + 1 DNG + 1 RQM + 1 JRS)
            – 5 days (40h) of consulting and coaching
            + 1 day GCM course (Variant Management)
            + Additional licences for each tool

          If you are interested – feel free to contact us.


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