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          Sava Insurance Group – Implementing a customer self-care portal using Liferay


          CROZ built a new portal for the SAVA insurance using Liferay DXP.


          The main emphasis for Sava Insurance Group was to select and build a robust digital platform to answer the global digital agenda with the appropriate business/IT solution. The emphasis for the first Solution (Selfcare portal) was to offer the clients a self-care solution to review and have insights into the business data. The next steps are towards the sales funnels and personalized view of the web content as well as to expand the solution to the B2B area of business. We see CROZ team as a highly professional and reliable partner on our journey across the countries of Sava Insurance Group companies .


          Case study

          Sava Insurance Group chose CROZ as their partner in the process of selecting and implementing a DXP platform – the base for improving their online presence. For this project, we chose Liferay DXP, one of the world leaders in DXP, with which CROZ has extensive experience. Using Liferay, SAVA and CROZ step out on a journey to implement a customer self-care portal, the first application to be built on the platform.


          Sava Insurance Group

          For the implementation process, we chose a hybrid approach – a mix of a waterfall and agile project. SAVA already had wireframes, a prototype, and functional requirements. With the help of CROZ business analysts, a more detailed specification was created before the development. Soon, we saw the need for a more agile approach. Therefore, we split the project into phases and started building the portal incrementally.

          There were many implementation challenges. Apart from building a new portal, SAVA was creating a new middleware layer used by the portal (and future applications). Thus, the entire project scope was quite large and we put great effort into connecting all the moving parts. But the process was successful and the first phase was launched – an MVP for the Pensions Insurance was in production, covering many of the features that will be in the final product.

          The features for other insurance holders were finalized just a couple of months after the Pension Insurance MVP the full portal implementation saw the light of day. SAVA insurance users can now see their policies, reported claims and report a new claim online. Policy payments are easily accessible, the user data can be reviewed, user registration is quick and easy, and users can verify their accounts using video identification. The users can also exchange messages with the insurance company, making the portal a fast and simple communication channel.

          The project goes on as there are even more features planned for further phases. We have only scratched the surface of the Liferay platform capabilities, so we hope many new sites will emerge soon as well.

          Technologies we used

          Liferay Keycloak Spring OSGI


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