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Student Show Off: 2 x bigger, more interesting and cheerful

09. 12. 2017

Student Show Off is one of the most anticipated events in CROZ. Although this year it was held for the second time, it brought so much positive atmosphere that absolutely effected all CROZ employees.

We wrote about the Student Show Off before, but for those who read our blog for the first time, we will describe it in short lines. It is a one-day event at which students who have done internships in our teams during the summer (or a little bit longer) are presenting to other CROZ employees projects they worked on. Of course, it is not about classical Power Point presentations, but a “small” fair with booths, promotional materials, sweets and similar teasers.

During this year, a record number of students learned the craft at CROZ factory. A good part of them came to the company because we met them at FER Job Fair or at our Code Quest contest. When we completed the application process and drew the line, 43 of them were on the list. In addition to 29 students who work with us a bit longer, a total of 72 of students made a team that was preparing to deploy 12 very interesting projects prepared by their future mentors.

Team formation workshop was held for the students before the start of internships. At the workshop, all projects were presented and depending on their preferences the students chose the ones they wanted to work on. Thanks to our wonderful facilitators, for less than 3 hours, the students were allocated to teams.

And then “the real job” started. Mentors watched over what the students were doing, helped them and guided them. The teams worked great, and the tasks were done successfully.

The show is on

Three months have passed rapidly and the time for the second edition of the Student Show Off has arrived. Preparations for presentations were very extensive because every team wanted their booth to be the best and to attract the most visitors. They prepared leaflets, posters, demo-versions of the applications they developed. Some even baked cakes and wrote the name of the project on them. Most employees, of course, visited this booth first.

Student Show Off was held on September 28th. It was more cheerful, visited and interesting than most teams expected. CROZ employees mingled from booth to booth, tested applications, socialized with students and mentors who absolutely deserve the praises for implemented projects and how they presented them.

You can experience the real atmosphere if you look at the video bellow.

The projects were diverse as well as technologies. From Spring Boot, Angular 4, React, WebSocket, Liquibase, Thymeleaf, TinyMCE, Docx4j, Mustache, Python, Scale, Kotlin, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL and JavaFX to IBM Cognos Framework Manager, IBM Cognos Analytics, Apache Spark, Hadoop, Oracle DB, R and Hyperledger Fabric (IBM) & Composer, OpenShift, Docker, and Arduin. And when these technologies are combined with ideas and team knowledge, the following products emerge:

  • Smart fridge project – management of electrical devices that by means of a compressor have the ability to accumulate electricity from the comfort of your own home 24/7.
  • Data in the palm of a hand – visualization of data on simulated card transactions in Croatia
  • TeamWatch – on/off boarding – a web application that accelerated, automated and significantly simplified the process of introducing new employees into the system and vice versa.
  • TeamWatch – Line Management – an application that makes it easy to keep notes, contracts, reminders, processes of certification, appraisals, criticism, salary increase, etc.
  • CryptoMail – an application that lets you easily tag a part of the document you want to protect and convert it to a QR code that only selected people can read.
  • tDocs – an application that transforms the task of mournful writing of the specification into your new favorite thing in the world. How? By adding work environments, templates, and users fast and easy.
  • Data Science – Advanced Analytics  Framework – analysis of data and building a model that predicts electricity generation in wind farms based on weather forecasts.
  • Timely – a web application that allows a simpler overview and organization of absences (vacation, sick leave, home office…) within a team, floor or any arbitrary employee group.
  • Chatbot platform – a platform that allows you to define conversational logic for chatbot.
  • Pinboard – virtual message board application.
  • Buying and selling real estate on the Blockchain platform – a platform on which so-called “Smart Contracts” are available, signed by a buyer and a seller at the notary public (digitally), and all institutions can confirm (or refuse) the transaction through the platform.
  • Bucko – a simple search engine that enables search of a code within a company.
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