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Student Show Off 2019

28. 09. 2019

Students and their mentors and product owners have prepared a spectacular program for the Student Show off 2019.

Our Summer Accelerator 2019 has come to an end. After 220+ applications we received, 50 revised assignments and 66 interviews, 28 students joined us for the student internship. The internship started in July with the team formation workshop.  At the workshop, all projects were presented and depending on their preferences the students chose the ones they wanted to work on. Thanks to our wonderful facilitators, for less than 3 hours, the students were allocated to teams.

And then “the real job” started. Mentors watched over what the students were doing, helped them and guided them. The teams worked great, and the tasks were done successfully.

Let the show begin!

Three months have passed rapidly. And that means that the time for our forth Student Show Off has come. This year the show was on the second floor, in our renewed office space. Students and their mentors and product owners have prepared a spectacular program for the Show off. They presented the projects they worked on, without any order those are:

  • Application for travel orders,
  • Application for volunteers and charitable events organization,
  • Application for the HR department,
  • e-medical records application,
  • Warehouse management optimization project,
  • JobFair App,
  • Freak me out mobile app
  • Identity Management implementation project.

They prepared leaflets, posters, demo-versions of the applications they developed (and cakes, beers and candies).

Student Show Off was held on September 27th. It was more cheerful, visited and interesting than most teams expected. CROZ employees mingled from booth to booth, tested applications, socialized with students and mentors who absolutely deserve the praises for implemented projects and how they presented them.

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