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The story about CROZ and its students

04. 11. 2019

We believe that an internship program is a great way to show what CROZ is and how we craft successful projects and solutions for our clients.

CROZ has always been a company with numerous students in its lines and a company that invest a lot of time, effort and love in the student internship program. Most of our employees joined the company as students and we believe that an internship program is a great way to show what CROZ is and how we craft great projects and solutions for our clients.

In 2016 we have re-branded the student internship program and named it Summer Accelerator.

Summer accelerator 2019

We completely changed the concept because we wanted to represent our way of crafting through it. For those who are not familiar with the Summer Accelerator, in short lines, this is how it looks from the inside.

Preparation is half of the work

At the beginning of every year, we gather an internal team to prepare the student internship project plan. This includes grouping the mentor team, preparing projects and workshops for students, and setting up the timeline for all activities.

Application and selection process

The next step is the announcement of the internship program through all our communication channels. Applications are opened until the end of June and Accelerator starts in the middle of July. If you are wondering – the selection process is quite simple. When you apply for the summer internship our HR team sends you assignment (nothing complicated, we just want to find out how familiar are you with certain terms and technologies – for example, are you React or Angular type of person. Then we invite for an interview here at CROZ to meet you live and to chit-chat a bit with you.

The Market of Skills – the summer internship official start

On the first day of the summer internship the entire team gathers for the Market of Skills. After the short instructional part and a welcome speech for our students, mentors and Product Owners present their projects.

At the Market of Skills workshop, I’ve got the opportunity to choose the project I want to work on. Every project team consists of three developers, product owner and business analyst. The presentations of the project were great, mentors have prepared interesting slides and posters, and a lot of candies to lure as in their team.

Ivana Ivanda, Business Analyst and former intern at CROZ

Alongside the project teams, we have an additional team of students working with our Data Engineering team. If you love data analysis and want to learn and try new tools and technologies – this is the team you want to be in (according to our previous student interns). 

When I applied to Summer Accelerator, a student internship program in CROZ, they promised me working on a real project, learning interesting stuff and having fun. Now, I can tell that I’ve got much more. During the internship our team worked on business advancement for one of the leading retail companies. We improved our SQL skills by using different data management systems like Oracle, DB2 and My SQL. Also, we understood why dimensional modeling has emerged as the leading architecture for building integrated DW/BI systems. The most important thing during the internship was teamwork. I had the opportunity to learn a lot, not just from great mentors, but from excellent teammates.

Marija Pezic, DWH/BI development engineer and former intern at CROZ

Workshops, workshops and more workshops!

The first week of the summer internship is dedicated to the workshops. Mentors guide students through the world of modern technical frameworks and technical practices. All students attend the Scrum workshop. Then developers learn about Git, Sprint and Angular or React. Data Engineers learn about data management systems, data analytics and data visualization. Business analysts learn to write User Stories, acceptance criteria, different BA techniques, good practices of UX/UI design, creative visualization and so on… The important thing to note here is that you have different workshops during the entire period of internship.

Business Analyst role is a very exciting one with never-ending new challenges that help you grow professionally and personally. It will surprise even you to which extent you will become an expert in some business areas. Working in teams and communicating with clients, gives a great diversity and dynamic to everyday work, making it always interesting, fresh and motivating.
So, grab this amazing opportunity and check out our summer internships.

Ivan Vuk, Business Analyst

Let’s do the work!

Planning, developing, analyzing – every single day until the internship ends. But before that you drink coffee with your team, eat breakfast (a free one) and do the daily stand up. Every two weeks you have a Sprint review. Your mentors and the rest of the CROZ team is always available for every help or advice you need.

The summer accelerator lasts for three months and ends with Student Show Off. Student Show Off is a one-day event at which students who have done internships during the summer are presenting to other CROZ employees projects they worked on. Of course, it is not about classical PowerPoint presentations, but a “small” fair with booths, promotional materials, sweets and similar teasers.

Student team at the Student Show Off

Sounds interesting?

If you want to feel accepted, understood and stimulated for new challenges, apply for Summer Accelerator. Bookmark our Careers@CROZ page or follow CROZ on LinkedIn and Facebook to find out when applications are open.

We are waiting for your application! All you need to do is bring your enthusiasm and willingness to learn and cooperate with other team members, we will supply the rest.

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