Trailblazers 4th Edition

Honest talks. Senior developers for senior developers.
CROZ, Lastovska st. 23, 5th floor, Zagreb

What was on the agenda ?

Tech-talk – Building AI Platforms: API Evolution in a Microservice World

Warming up the audience was Juraj Malenica, Mindsmith’s Head of Engineering and AI afficionado.

Panel Discussion - APIs are digital glue

Our panel discussion topic was as simple as it gets, but there was definitely a lot to talk about. Our topic glued together some bright minds, after his tech talk, Juraj Malenic got stuck on stage and was joined by Branimir Petrušić from Aircash, as well our own Miroslav Čerkez and Ivan Krnić.

Event Details

The fourth edition of Trailblazers was short and sweet in both titles and timing. With API transceding its meaning over and over again, our panelists had no other chance but to put a stamp on it. They discussed the impact it’s had in the past, the impact it has now, as well discussing API from an organizational and technical point of view.

With all eyes glued to our burgers, we had to wrap the event up and treat ourselves to the good ol’ classic of burgers, beers and buddies.