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Welcoming CROZ DACH

06. 04. 2022

We are welcoming CROZ DACH into our international family. Munich became home to the new CROZ family member - focused on Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Munich is home to the newest member of CROZ family – CROZ DACH GmbH. CROZ DACH is building on the business culture foundations of CROZ and its technical excellence.

You can check CROZ DACH page here: www.dach.croz.net

“Focus on foreign markets, and especially the German market has been CROZ’s strategic goal for years. We have been continuously achieving excellent results in the German, Austrian and Swiss markets, which is why we see CROZ DACH as a natural response to our business growth. From the very beginning, CROZ has been monitoring and implementing new technologies and methodologies in response to everyday changes and needs in the global market and in the IT industry. Numerous successful projects, similarities in work ethic, and fantastic partnerships and friendships in the DACH region make this expansion an exciting new step for CROZ., commented CROZ CEO Vjekoslav Jadrešić. 

Peter Blenninger and Joachim Gucker, joined CROZ DACH as co-founders and managing directors with extensive experience in enterprise IT and business transformation. Vedrana Miholić, a business and culture visionary, is the third member of the management team.


Peter Blenninger clarified the company’s vision: “We offer all services that are relevant when it comes to digitalization and Enterprise IT. This covers strategic, cultural, and technological issues; we are in the space of artificial intelligence, data science, software development, cultural transformation, and new ways of working. What sets us apart is that we’re not only focusing on the sweet spots, we are into real transformation. We take care of intricate operations and develop sustainable, next-level processes and applications.  Our ambition is that our result is of lasting value, far beyond the project phase.


“Focus on tailor-made engineering solutions has always been CROZ’s expertise, and we will use it to continue to build a solid presence in the DACH markets. CROZ Zagreb and CROZ DACH will work closely together on complex projects to respond to mission-critical business needs.

We will accomplish that with state-of-the-art technology, mindset, and culture., concluded Vedrana Miholić, Managing Director at CROZ DACH.

Starting from a detailed business assessment, through sophisticated solution engineering, and to continuous support and education, CROZ engineers deliver a full scope of advanced business solutions. Enterprise clients benefit from our holistic approach because it solves their business needs while increasing their overall organizational resilience at the same time.

CROZ DACH GmbH is based in Munich and is going to be a home for mainly local experts. Building on the highly successful corporate culture of CROZ Croatia, CROZ DACH aims to be one of the best IT employers in the area. Currently, the DACH team is open for job applications as we plan to expand in the following months and years. For open positions, key requirements are exceptional development skills and the ability to build relevant solutions with a clear ROI.


“We are very excited to bring CROZ values and work methodology to this region. We are ambitious about local growth, we need a lot of talented people, and most importantly people who fit culture-wise. I emphasize this because details can be learned, experiences can be built, but cultural values are key, and they are something you cannot learn.” concluded Joachim Gucker.  

CROZ DACH’s attitude is clear – technological innovations can be developed smarter and faster. And that is what our DACH team is set to do.   

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