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And the winner is! – Developing IT Solutions for Non-profit Organizations

30. 03. 2022

As a result of applications for a socially useful IT solution, CROZ will develop an app to support the work of humanitarian associations.

On January 31, we opened applications for a socially useful and engaged IT solution that we will develop during the Summer Accelerator 2022. We were pleasantly surprised by the number and variety of ideas from registered organizations, so it was very difficult to decide which project to implement. Since we recognized the similar needs of different registered associations, we decided to combine several compatible ideas and through the evaluation of applications, three categories emerged.

Category 1 – App for support the work of associations

We noticed that a large part of the applications is connected to challenges related to the organization of volunteers, monitoring the work of associations, reporting, and similar administrative tasks, so we decided to combine some of the similar ideas into a single application. Thus, during the Summer Accelerator, in cooperation with a part of the associations, we will work on the development of an application to support the work of associations. Associations, among which we recognized the need for such a unique application were contacted by e-mail to arrange an initial Zoom meeting. At this meeting, we will present the idea behind the application and work model before and during the summer.

Note: At the end of the summer, we will present the application for supporting the work of associations to all associations (not only those from the first category), so anyone who recognizes the need for it can use it.

Category 2 – Moodle workshop

With several registered associations, we have identified needs for which an effective solution already exists, and that is Moodle – a platform for online education we at CROZ also use.

For the associations where we recognized this need, we’ll organize a Zoom meeting to introduce them to Moodle – explain what it is, what it’s for, and give some use-case examples. Those who will be interested in using Moodle in the work of their association after the Zoom meeting, will be invited to a one-day training and workshop on the use of this tool.

Category 3 – Zoom counseling

Some associations that have needs and requirements that are not specifically related to the application to support the work of associations or the Moodle workshop, we invite to a Zoom meeting to present them in more detail the idea of a future application in case it proves useful and to share ideas about potential solutions for some of their applications.

We ask all associations and non-profit organizations who applied to check their e-mail addresses (including spam and other folders) and confirm their participation in the initial Zoom meetings. In the meantime, we are throwing ourselves into preparing and planning to make our cooperation as efficient and enjoyable as possible!

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