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Developing IT Solutions for Non-profit Organizations

02. 02. 2022

CROZ is developing IT solutions for non-profit organizations during the Summer accelerator. Humanitarian organizations and projects are welcome to apply!

Over the years, we successfully finished more than a thousand projects improving the work of various organizations – banks, telcos, insurances, etc. Besides helping enterprises work better and smarter instead of harder, we feel obliged to contribute to the community and environment.   

For years, instead of buying Christmas gifts, we are donating to those in need – associations, non-profit organizations, and hospitals. In cooperation with the Croatian Association of Artists, we encourage the work of young artists by exhibiting their art at our building. We support the work of the Inclusive Farm in Petrinja, a region hit by a destructive earthquake, that provides psychosocial help to children and young people with disabilities. Moreover, last year, we developed a few IT solutions for socially engaged organizations during our Summer accelerator.

Summer accelerator is a student internship program at CROZ since 2017. With the help of our experienced mentors, students hone their knowledge and skills while developing software solutions. During the Summer accelerator 2021, students worked on a few socially engaged projects for Roda – RODitelji u Akciji (Stork – Parents in Action), volunteering organization Mali Zmaj and Competence Network ICT-AAC.

Since all of us (including organizations, students, and mentors) are really satisfied with and proud of these community-oriented projects, we decided to open applications for socially useful projects and organizations. All associations and non-profit organizations who actively work in Croatia are welcome to check out the terms and conditions for participation and submit the application.

The application deadline is February 27th, 2022. at 23:59.

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