Croatian Debate Society 

Implementing the debate program as a form of civic education while coordinating a network of around 120 youth clubs from elementary and high schools.

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Croatian Debate Society  – donation


Children and young people should be in the focus of education. Volunteers are guided by a belief that school should be a place for expressing their opinions and actively participating in learning process. 


While facing many struggles COVID-19 pandemic brought – we focused on adapting existing methods, motivating students and ensuring the accessibility of the debate to as many students as possible.  


Focus helped us while facing many challenges in our work and in the process of helping young people. Thanks to that we come out of many difficult situations better and bigger!

We want to continue helping and that’s why every donation helps! Especially because it helps supporting the work of other clubs in isolated areas and students of lower socioeconomic status.

More about CDS

The most important activity of the Croatian Debate Society is coordinating a network of around 120 youth clubs from elementary and high schools during the school year. That implies organization, education, gathering, and evaluation. 

Through the work of the clubs, they teach young people tolerance, and advocacy skills while encouraging personal and social responsibility. CDS also educate young people about social issues and develop the ability to speak publicly and think critically. That’s how they build civil society and civic culture in Croatia. Click here and get to know them!

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