Protecting women’s human rights while promoting gender equality and ensuring equal opportunities for all genders in every sphere of social life.

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NGO BABE  – donation


Whether someone needs help, advice or wants to share some things from everyday life – volunteers are here to listen and support them. 


The basis for quality assistance and support is a sense of competence and satisfaction. That’s our formula for successful work and cooperation!


Trust is safety – a safe relationship, a safe place, and support. Sometimes it can be challenging, but it’s a fundamental postulate in our work. We can fully provide help and support when they feel confident enough to communicate.

You can help us with the administrative to logistical activities of the association. Also, you can participate in training organized by the association where we train them you master the triage information necessary to find your way around while referring the users of the association to further steps.

More about B.a.B.e.

B.a.B.e is an organization for women’s rights that focuses on promoting gender equality and ensuring equal opportunities in all spheres of social life. They provide assistance and support that includes counseling in crises (via SOS phone, e-mail, website, or personal contact), informing about the possibilities of obtaining legal, health, and psychological assistance, mediation, counseling, psychotherapy, legal advice, and representation and placement in a safe house. Click here and get to know them!

Twelve months – twelve opportunities to do a good deed.
Get to know associations and volunteers, donate and help others.
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