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Oticon – Managed services for Rational Jazz platform

CROZ's managed services have empowered Oticon to concentrate on core business functions by reliably handling and enhancing their IBM Jazz platform.


CROZ has effectively provided managed services for Oticon's IBM Jazz platform, enhancing the company's focus on product development while ensuring system reliability and process improvements. This support has not only streamlined Oticon's technical operations but also optimized their organizational processes, reflecting a successful ongoing partnership.



Through its Managed Services offering, CROZ took over the tasks of maintaining, upgrading, and proactively improving IBM Jazz platform.

“We have been working with CROZ for several years now. Their main role is to help us with their expertise in IBM Jazz platform. With their expertise, they helped us deliver all required customization in IBM tooling that fulfill our business needs over time. Good communication, strong consultancy, and technical advises are definitely key points of our great cooperation. We hope to continue successful cooperation in years to come.”

-Peter Lange, Director, Processes and tools for requirements and verification at Demant

Oticon is a part of Demant, which currently has more than 15,000 employees around the world, 200 subsidiary companies, and an annual revenue of 2 billion USD. They produce all types of hearing aids and offer a wide range of services and products for identifying hearing loss.

Through its Managed Services offering, CROZ took over the tasks of maintaining, upgrading, and proactively improving the IBM Jazz platform so Oticon could focus their full efforts on business domain and product development. Managed Services offering includes Jazz platform maintenance, taking care of platform fixes, handling PMRs, analyzing monthly logs, and checking for available updates and possible bugs.



Apart from maintaining the whole IBM Jazz platform, having a wide range of experts from various IT domains allowed CROZ to handle additional system engineering tasks like data synchronization between DOORS and CLM servers or help the entire organization with improving the process and the way organization works. One good example of such process improvement is the optimization of the defect management process that is tracked within RTC.

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