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Considering Cloud Native and Microservices? We can help!

02. 08. 2019

You want to dazzle your customers with rapid innovation cycles and continuous flow of features? Architecting for microservices and running in containers will help you!


You want to dazzle your customers with rapid innovation cycles and continuous flow of features without sacrificing system reliability, performance and scalability? Architecting for microservices and running in containers can do that for you. We can help you with technology nitty-gritties and growing your DevOps culture to nicely tie people, processes and technology together. Get in touch if you need help transitioning to cloud native and microservices or keep reading for more info!

The World is changing fast

Tools and practices that we are used to are transcending into new concepts suitable for dynamic, scalable and ephemeral nature of the Cloud.

Going cloud native brings many benefits but it certainly isn’t trivial. Luckily, we know just what to do. 

Discovery workshop

First thing is first, let’s assess your current technical and organizational maturity. Through a series of workshops and using various facilitation tools and techniques we will assess your organization in several areas. Using Value Stream Mapping technique, we will identify business domains that will serve as high-level map for consolidating your systems and splitting your monoliths into microservices. Together we will analyze your development process and deployment pipelines, and see where we can reap the biggest benefits.

Typical duration: 2 weeks (includes 2 days of on site workshops)


Combining insights from discovery workshop with best practices in cloud native architecture we will define and launch several pilot projects testing potential improvements in critical areas. These pilot projects typically include setting up necessary infrastructure tools, building deployment pipelines and piloting microservice architecture on concrete business case. Through these pilots we will also help you establish and develop DevOps culture. Toolset in Cloud Native space is extremely diverse and complex. During Discovery and Pilot phase we will work closely with your organization to determine which tools and practices are best fit. We always bear in mind that tools are constantly emerging but also disappearing, therefore it is very important that architecture is flexible and not criticall dependent on specific vendor or tool.

Typical duration: 2-3 months (depending on pilot complexity and scope)


Tools, processes, architectures and practices that prove beneficial through pilot projects will be rolled out across organization. We will help you establish Communities of Practices, an orthogonal organizational structure dedicated to sharing learning and standardized practices across all teams.

Typical duration: 6-18 months (depending on complexity and scope of roll out)

”The only thing a Big Bang rewrite guarantees is a Big Bang!”
–Martin Fowler (ThoughtWorks)

Together we will define your transformation strategy and suitable MVP. Our team will work side by side with yours to iteratively deliver MVP and future releases. Get in touch if you need help transitioning to cloud native and microservices!

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