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Dominator. Just like experienced developer would do it.

09. 02. 2019

If you are a Lotus Notes user, Dominator will solve many of your problems such as vintage architecture, complex maintenance, vendor lock-in...

It used to be a good technology

Apart from being a great choice for groupware platform, Lotus Domino has also been a very popular RAD (Rapid Application Development) platform for all sorts of office automation and business applications. Believe it or not, there are over ten million(!) Lotus Notes applications running across global enterprises today. However, times have changed and Lotus Notes applications are facing significant business and technical challenges.

Accessing data using web browser is difficult. Using mobile devices even more so. Implementing modern user experience is impossible. Integration capabilities are poor and misaligned with recent API economy paradigm. It is difficult to integrate any Lotus Notes application in holistic customer journey. I won’t even start on technical issues such as proprietary non-relational NSF databases mumbo-jumbo and tangled UI and business layers which renders future maintenance cumbersome.

It used to be a good technology that has simply outgrew its architecture over time.

I want to break free (but keep my applications and data)

Customers around the globe are aware of these shortcomings and are looking for a solution that would protect their investment in Lotus Notes technology. They want to keep their business logic and application data but break free of limitations inherent to Lotus Notes technology.

When moving legacy enterprise applications to a new platform it is advised to choose one which supports open standards and is backed by programming languages for which there is a large base of developers available.

This is where CROZ Dominator kicks in!

CROZ Dominator is ultimate tool for migration of Lotus Notes applications

It is the ultimate tool for translating/converting legacy Lotus Notes applications to standard human-readable, cloud-ready and maintainable Java applications with relational databases. Dominator is not Yet-Another-Dummy-Compiler-blah-something… This one is smart. It understands Lotus Notes application code and development patterns on a whole new level.

Dominator is not merely translating LN code and development patterns into Java syntax. That would be just plain ridiculous. Rather than that, it builds brand new Java application from the scratch and implements business logic taken from LN application but using modern Java development patterns. Just like experienced developer would do it manually if he had all the time in the world. During this process Dominator also builds user interface with the same logic and screen flow as in original LN application.

How did we achieve this? Well, it takes one to know one. Over 20 years of LN development gave us in-depth knowledge and understanding of Lotus Notes environment and development patterns. And just about the same amount of experience in Java domain told us how the target architecture should look like nowadays. One thing just led to another… Dominator’s engine is built in Scala with more than 40 modules responsible for converting various parts of Lotus Notes applications to Java architecture.

If you are a Lotus Notes user, Dominator will solve many of your problems such as vintage architecture, complex maintenance, vendor lock-in, LND licensing costs, poor user experience, data “trapped” in proprietary databases and rare LN developers.

Converting Lotus Notes applications to a modern Java stack enables you to move to cloud, use standard protocols and middleware, integrate with other external systems, scale appropriately and most importantly take control once again over your application ecosystem.

CROZ Dominator. Just like experienced developer would do it.

Contact us and get your Lotus Notes applications a new life in the Cloud! Share your challenges with us and earn a free pilot project, compliments of the house! Learn more about the Dominator!

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