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Harmony at QED 2017

13. 10. 2016

Our 11th “Quality in Enterprise Development” (QED) conference will be held from 7th to 9th May 2017 in Zadar. The main theme of the eleventh QED is harmony.

CROZ proudly invites you to eleventh QED conference, which will be held in Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa “Iadera” in Zadar from 7th to 9th May 2017. Eleventh QED will provide insights on how to utilize full potential of individuals in achieving peak efficiency of the organization and how to harmonize new generations with the knowledge and experience that we already have.

For the last couple of years, we tried to apply numerous Japanese practices, we looked up to their efficiency and creativity, we analyzed kaizen, lean, and so on. It is often that we got stuck on one question: “To which extent is it possible to apply their concepts into our culture?” Even if we move away from the individuals’ customs, culture and way of working, an individual will continue to have its specificities, and all the weak and strong sides that come with it. Just as the double bass cannot play the same note as the flute, it is a real magic to harmonize them while remaining creative and innovative. Inspiration from the eleventh QED was found in Japanese success in running, to be more specific, in team relay race marathon running. Guided by the WA aka team harmony, they managed to achieve top results in a sport which is not specific to Japan. The same ethics dictates that goal is not glory of an individual, but a team success, which is applied to the business environment as well.

We believe that there are not so many differences between us and the Japanese when we are talking about the team harmony and utilization of the individual potential to achieve the team goal.

Harmony and everything connected to the harmony in the modern system architecture will be covered by the best experts through lectures, workshops, open panels and practical examples from real life next May in Zadar. See you there?



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