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How to bring DEVOPS to the mainframe?

07. 07. 2023

Dive into another tool in the MLOps ecosystem: data and model versioning.

We’re happy to share that our team helped a major mainframe customer modernize their DevOps pipeline. It’s a challenge completed!  

With a unique blend of expertise in traditional technologies and the latest tools, we assembled a team consisting of Ivo Štampalija, an experienced Mainframe specialist, and Bruno Kurevija, a DevOps expert. Together, they unraveled the intricacies of successful DevOps implementation on the mainframe in the podcast episode ‘’How to bring DEVOPS to the mainframe’’ 

The meaning of mainframe modernization

Mainframe modernization means different things to different people. Most of today’s enterprises have opted for modernization in place with a hybrid cloud strategy. It usually includes enhancing mainframe applications and optimizing infrastructure, adding integration capabilities, adopting common enterprise DevOps processes and tools, while preserving existing applications and data.  

It’s exactly what we have done here; we implemented a fully modern DevOps process with 

Some of the highlights you can expect in the podcast: 

  • Evolution of DevOps practices on the mainframe 
  • Challenges while automating mainframe environments 
  • Using familiar DevOps tools such as GitLab, Ansible, and Nexus to propel mainframe transformation 
  • Organizations are embracing modern approaches 
  • Familiar and standard toolset while keeping existing application and data in place 
  • And many more!  

At CROZ, we understand the unique demands of mainframe modernization. Our team possesses a distinctive blend of skills that combines cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, DevOps, machine learning, and data streaming with traditional mainframe technologies. This enables us to create comprehensive roadmaps for our clients, guiding them through the transformative journey of mainframe modernization while leveraging the platform’s inherent strengths.  

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