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          Contact us for all inquiries regarding services and general information

          Mainframe services


          You can’t beat great professionals and rock-solid technology.

          Mainframe modernization

          For many enterprises, the mainframe is still the strategic platform since mainframes are highly reliable and scalable, with a long history of proven performance and security, which makes them ideal for processing and storing large amounts of critical data. Mainframe clients are often looking for modernization to address several key challenges. These include the cost, the scarcity of skilled engineers, and the need to integrate the mainframe into a hybrid cloud. Most of today’s enterprises have opted for a modernization in place through optimizing mainframe applications and infrastructure by enhancing applications, adding capabilities, modernizing user interfaces, etc.    

          We have a unique combination of skills that enable us to blend the latest technologies (cloud, DevOps, machine learning, data-streaming) with traditional mainframe technologies. We help our clients to create a roadmap to transform the mainframe and expand its capabilities. The most effective steps are: 

          • Modernizing core infrastructure 
          • Modernizing user experiences and interfaces 
          • Automation for efficiency 

          Tools replacement

          Many clients around the world have relied on specialized mainframe tools for their security and system automation from various vendors. Over the years, technology and especially pricing policy have changed, and suddenly clients are facing the difficult decision whether to replace these tools. Thanks to our experience in developing and implementing replacement scenarios based on IBM, CA, BMC, and open-source platforms, we can help you navigate smoothly through the challenges of tools replacement providing a risk-free transition for your everyday business.


          • We always start with an assessment. During the assessment, we analyse the client’s infrastructure and current implementation. Based on its results, we develop the transition roadmap and define appropriate Proof-of-Concept (PoC).
          • Then we implement and execute PoC to prove the hypothesis and address the risks early on. 
          • Finally, we execute the transition and perform thorough testing.
          • Among other projects, we successfully replaced CA ACF2 and BMC MainView AutoOPERATOR with IBM tools.

          25+ years of expertise

          Our team is by your side from initial discussions and planning to the successful completion of the project (and beyond!). You can’t beat skilled professionals and rock-solid technologies like z/OS, DB2, CICS, IMS, and RACF! On top of that, we work with non-mainframe technologies, such as AI, OpenShift, and modern DevOps stack, which can bring new value within mainframe environment.

          See which technology tools our experts have up their sleeves:

          • z/OS, z/VM, CICS, Db2, IMS, Linux on Z, zCX,
            OpenShift on Z
          • DevOps for Mainframe – building DevOps pipelines using DBB, UCD, Gitlab, IDz…
          • IDAA, CDC, DVM
          • TSM/Spectrum Protect
          • WAS, MQ
          • RACF
          • Guardium, zSecure, QRadar
          • Monitoring (Tivoli Omegamon, ITCAM) and Instana
          • AI in z/OS applications
          • AIOps
          • z/OSMF and Ansible for Z


          Our team consists of professionals with over 25 years of experience in the mainframe industry, and fresh graduates who bring new perspectives to every project we undertake. We are dedicated to seeing each project through to completion, never leaving a stone unturned, and making sure that every detail is addressed. The human approach is what makes difference – we understand that our clients are more than just customers. They are valuable partners in the success of every project. Providing high-quality work and exceptional customer service is the cornerstone of our success in the mainframe industry. 



          Being involved from the very beginning enables us to conceive a proof-of-technology activities. This way we can show that mainframe is actually the right platform How are we doing this? By evaluating the market and technical issues, and evaluating the purpose while having your needs in mind.


          Reliability, responsiveness, broad knowledge and a personalized approach are our proven formula which results in a high-quality and long-term solution for your company. Your wishes and a high quality always come first!


          Our top priority is being there for you every step of the way. By actively listening to your needs and wishes we can design modern mainframe solutions regardless of the time or place. Our team can support you on-site and/or remotely. Team up with us if you’re searching for a solution that exceeds your expectations!