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Kindness Unwrapped – Happy Holidays from CROZ

06. 12. 2023

Cheerful holidays await us all and into 2024. we go. CROZ wishes everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Donation to Osijek Clinical Hospital Center

This year we continue to uphold our most important tradition – one that is deeply rooted in compassion and care for the most vulnerable among us.

With the recent opening of our partner companies in Osijek and Zadar, our focus naturally shifted towards the needs of those regions. As a result, this Christmas we are donating equipment for the daily care of newborns to the pediatrics department of the Osijek Clinical Hospital Center. Also, we wish to express our sincere admiration for the outstanding medical staff of that department. Your unwavering commitment to providing care, support and hope for all the little ones and their families is truly praiseworthy.

Donation to Zadar Autism Association

Another traditional donation is that of CROZ employees, who decided to share this year’s Christmas magic with the Zadar Autism Association. Early intervention, counseling and support are crucial for parents and their children living with autism, and the aim of the association is to help them with this. Our employees want to support their noble work and contribute to the quality of life of these children and their families. In order to double the happiness, CROZ will double the amount collected by the employees.

It’s the time of holidays, warmth and giving, and may our good wishes follow you through both your business and personal life. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a successful New Year 2024!

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