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Knowing when to learn something new

22. 07. 2019

At what time is it good to start learning something new? Do I start with this technology or with this use case or with this course or that one? Maybe my example will help you figure it out.

Something that always amuses me is when someone says ‘I don’t want to learn a new technology because I will probably never use it.’ And that’s a fair thing to say, but why not learn something new, something different just for fun or because it will make you happy. You never know if something you learn today is going to be useful tomorrow. Waiting for things to happen may not work out for you.

In today’s world of technology there is no excuse when it comes to learning new things. It’s a must. If you don’t adapt to new things or you’re not at the front of the industry, you might not survive. There are a lot of people just waiting to take your place, don’t let them.


You shouldn’t learn something because you have to, you should learn something because you want to. Learning should be about exploring, about finding that one (or more) thing(s) that brings you joy. It should also be about experiencing something new and finding out if a tool, process or technology is for you.

To be honest with you I never really liked to study in primary and secondary school. It wasn’t something I enjoyed, it was something I had to do. But when I got to college, that’s when it all came together. I got the opportunity to tutor people on the subjects I was good at, that were fun to me like SQL, automata and languages, even some math. I learned things that I never knew and I got to experience a wide range of subjects, most of which were very interesting and gave me the knowledge without which I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Try out new technologies!

Then in CROZ I was given the opportunity to lecture our clients on SQL and PL/SQL. And on multiple occasions I did just that, I taught people SQL, something I thought I never get the chance to do. I was also given the opportunity to better myself and to try out new technologies and gain new insights into tools, methodologies and the complete development process. Something that, in my humble opinion, isn’t always possible to achieve in other companies.

In our Data Engineering department, we are always trying to keep up with the latest technologies and new approaches to developing and automating the ETL/DWH/BI/DS process. It’s the reason we got into Big Data in the first place, because someone said ‘This Apache Spark looks like fun, I think I’ll give it a shot’.

It’s the reason we have a Big Data cluster on premise for testing out technologies, for demonstrating our findings to clients and to work on our/clients PoCs and PoTs. Were it not for that first push, first effort into installing, setting up and running Spark and other Big Data technologies, we would have never had the opportunity to add and keep adding new value to our clients, to keep trying out a lot of different tools and technologies and learn new things along the way.

As of today we are currently engaged in a challenging battle of creating a data lake for one of our clients, developing several PoCs for our clients as well as constantly learning and discovering new tools and technologies.

Learning keeps you running!

In IT learning new things, new technologies, new methodologies are what keeps a company and a person in the running. It’s what sets apart a person or company from others who are doing the same (similar) thing.

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