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          0800-DEVOPS #42

          2022 State of DevOps Report with Nathen Harvey

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          A newsletter that started as a personal learning and getting-in-touch project by Ivan Krnic grew into a sociotechnical newsletter covering topics of technical excellence, organizational improvements, and productivity.

          State of DevOps Report

          The 2022 State of DevOps Report brings us the best possible news we could ever expect!

          The State of DevOps Report is one of the most comprehensive research projects ever done in IT. One thing that struck me this year was the distribution between low-, medium-, and high-performing organizations. For years, the percentage of organizations identifying themselves as high performing steadily grew… Until this year – hm!

          Last year, a stunning 66% of respondents saw their organizations as high performing. This year ONLY 11% of them!

          Have we as an industry deteriorated so much?

          I don’t think so. We’re probably better than ever. But our perception has changed. We know more than ever about technology, processes, culture, other organizations, and what is most important – about ourselves!

          The Dunning–Kruger Effect has finally settled in. After years of being on top of Mt. Stupid, looking down and thinking about how great we are, we’re finally understanding how far away we are from what is truly possible.

          This sobering is the best possible news! We need these moments of reset and realignment. Otherwise, there is no progress. Don’t miss my conversation with Nathen Harvey, one of the co-authors.

          Trailblazers meetup

          For our 🇭🇷 speaking audience, join us on December 2nd in our Zagreb HQ for the Trailblazers meetup – senior-level talks on technical and organizational topics that promote better #developerexperience. Register here!

          Interview of the Month

          State of DevOps with Nathen Harvey

          State of DevOps with Nathen Harvey

          Nathen Harvey needs little introduction in DevOps community. He is Developer Advocate at Google, co-author of State of DevOps Report and co-author of a great book called “97 Things Every Cloud Engineer Should Know”. We talked about insights and surprises from this year’s State of DevOps Report. And Nathen shared his view on recent hot takes that “DevOps is dead” 🙂

          Show notes:
          – Nathen recommends following the work of John Speed Meyers and Dave Farley. Don’t miss Dave’s book “Modern Software Engineering”.

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          Hand picked

          2022 Accelerate State of DevOps Report – The latest Report is out! As always, it’s full of valuable insights with a special focus on software supply chain security and a lot of actionable suggestions on how to start improving in the security domain.

          The Distributed Computing ManifestoWerner Vogels shared the manifesto that transformed the architecture of Amazon’s e-commerce platform. It’s amazing to read something written 25 years ago and recognize concepts that got their name and went mainstream many years later.

          Software Profession Resources – an amazing collection of resources covering various capabilities required in modern software delivery.

          Platform Product Management Versus Platform Engineering – If we all agree that platforms should be treated as products, what is it that we’re missing in our Platform Teams to make it happen? Charles Betz points out that our Platform Teams are generally good at building stuff (a.k.a. making them feasible), but also bad at considering if and how valuable, viable, and usable they are. That’s what product management is all about. Let’s work on that!

          Read with us

          Read with us

          The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth

          link Get the book

          With all the happenings around Twitter these days, it is pretty obvious why you need psychological safety in your organization. And when it comes to the subject, there is no better than Amy C. Edmondson to explain what psychological safety is and, more importantly, what is not.

          Watch out for the “Making it Happen” chapter packed with actionable advice.

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            Ivan Krnić

            Ivan is Director of Engineering at CROZ, 🎙0800-DEVOPS podcast host and O'Reilly author contributing to "97 Things Every Cloud Engineer Should Know". His special areas of interest cover DevOps culture, sociotechnical nature of software delivery and cloud native architectures. Particularly interested in leadership and organizational change, he is helping organizations align business and tech, focus their efforts, and essentially work smarter, not harder. You can follow him on Twitter as @ikrnic.

              DevOps articles delivered monthly.