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Top 5 CROZ Blog Posts of February 2020

12. 03. 2020

We have only started acknowledging the most read content on our blog last month and can already notice there are some true classic on CROZ website and some potential modern classics. Also, it’s kind of obvious but still worth mentioning – educational, highly technical step-by-step guides or in-depth analyses are the true hit format with tech audience.

That’s why the first two most read blog posts in February were the same as the month before:
XFRM Programming, the perfect example for one of those very technical blogs that is neither new nor covering some shiny and hot topic but still keeps appearing on our ‘most-read’ reports because it provides valuable information for the most advanced users
Docker Image Security Scanning Tools, a thourough analysis of specialized tools that will do the heavy-lifting for you and automatically scan Docker images and report on any found security vulnerabilities. A must read indeed!

It’s always amazing to have an enthusiastic team of people, living and breathing their field of interest and expertise, such as our DevOps team. They not only enjoy discussing and learning all things DevOps, they enjoy sharing that with as many people as possible. Also, they are never reluctant to ask some of the people they look up to and DevOps thought leaders for an interview and write it up for their monthly 0800-DEVOPS Newsletter!
Ofcourse their interview with Kelsey Hightower, made this list!
Kelsey is a Staff Developer Advocate at Google, co-chair of KubeCon, the largest Kubernetes conference, and the author of the very first “here’s how you install Kubernetes on your laptop and play with it” post, but in reality, a guy who needs absolutely no introduction in the cloud native world

Their dedication and great content they produce deserves to be rewarded with a subscription to the newsletter, right?

And we habe one new entry on the ‘most-read’ list is SQL Server – Building Dynamic Partitions in One Click. Well, of course guide on how to do something in one click would be popular!

Last, but not least, we are extremely happy to see a non-technical blog post, the one written by our Marija Pezić on her experience of Summer Internship at CROZ make the list again


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