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Why is everybody talking about table calendars?

12. 12. 2023

Because we created it to help 12 wonderful NGOs. And because the illustrations are also breathtaking, thanks to Raquel Costa, an amazing illustrator who managed to capture the story and the emotions of each NGO. The idea for the calendar was born during the Summer Accelerator, where our team worked with students to develop an Altruist app to facilitate the work of NGOs so they can focus on their clients. Instead of paperwork. As we’re hosting the 15th edition of the QED conference this year, we wanted to represent each NGO through keywords that have been themes of previous conferences, such as community, creativity, sustainability, and more. We’re sure many of you have already broken your New Year’s resolutions, but that’s okay – we’re all human. And we encourage making new resolutions throughout the year. So, here’s an idea – browse our calendar (browse here) and do something good all year long!

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