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          Table of contents


          QED conference


          Wow! 15 years of QED! Who would have thought that a small appreciation event (or as we like to call it: our pet project) would stand the test of time so well? In those early days we had two projects that felt like hobbies: our magazine FYI by CROZ and the QED. It always felt like we were just playing, especially compared to the seriousness of the end-user projects. And the more we played, the better the topics got. The more we enjoyed the process, the more creative we became.

          I am sure many of our visitors will remember things like the beautiful scenery and the exquisite food, but we hope that the conversations, the guests, and the insightful moments are the most important impressions of QED. And there were so many such moments. In 2016, John Cohn gave a talk titled: ‘Serious play an Engineer’s Perspective on Success, Failure and Play at Work.” He moved the audience to tears and joy, and we still remember the emotions he evoked in us.

          That joy brought us the theme of Harmony the next year, and the great Richard Sheridan spoke on Joy at Work. In 2018, we experimented so much that we can all still vividly imagine robots dancing and the Tesla coil playing music. Another memorable topic is trust and Sam Newman’s keynote speech in 2019. There are so many other memorable moments and things that have made QED what it is today. Like moving the party from the coast to the island as an ad hoc decision when the party was already underway. Or moving presentations outside into the sunshine when they had already started. So many small adjustments, perfecting every detail, and having fun got us to the point where we can envision QED in the years to come.

          — Vedrana Miholić, Sales Manager

          Aaaaaand this year’s topic is…

          Value! – The support and community we have built together over the years was a major inspiration for this year’s theme. The best thing about value is that it can be interpreted in many ways – so together we will focus on understanding and creating value in a modern business context!

          Focusing on value starts at the personal level. And then it grows in teams, projects, organizations, processes and cultures. The question of value is simply the first one we should ask – in everything we do.

          — Krešimir Musa, Chief Technology Officer

          So, what can you expect?

          The opportunity to delve into a wide range of topics while exploring different perspectives of value. That includes modern data engineering approaches with topics such as Data Mesh, Data Monetization, and Governance. Attendees will also learn all about the latest developments in Event Streaming and Event-Driven Architectures. Another focus of the conference will be on AI and ML, with a particular emphasis on real-life use-cases, hard topics such as explainability and the EU AI Act, and technology focused topics like MLOps and AIOps. These topics will help organizations leverage AI and ML to create value for their customers and improve their operations.

          Furthermore, we’ll discuss the various aspects of Cloud in the modern enterprise, including topics like Cloud Transformations, Hybrid and Multi-cloud Strategies, and Cloud Native. Why? To enable organizations of attendees, improve infrastructure while creating value through increased scalability and flexibility. We will also talk about Security, DevOps and API Management, both in and outside of Cloud based environments. And, we want to tackle No-code/low-code platforms and discuss their role in modern software development. Finally, QED will also cover modern organizational approaches and product building strategies that can improve communication, collaboration, and product lifecycles through an early focus on value.

          5 things that will make you say YES to the conference

          1 – Unique Perspective

          Provides a unique and unusual perspective on technology and business. If you don’t believe it, you need to see it!

          2 – Business and Technology

          We bring business and technology leaders together to learn and network.

          3 – High quality speakers

          An impressive lineup of speakers over the past 15 years. This year’s keynote speaker is Kelsey Hightower!

          4 – Fantastic Venue

          The beautiful coastline and late spring weather are the perfect ingredients for an outstanding conference. We’ll welcome you to the beautiful Mediterranean city of Zadar.

          5 – Fun activities

          Look forward to lots of fun and sporting activities, because not everything has to be serious when it comes to a conference.

          From knowledge and growth to fun and connection, QED is the place to be! Visit the official QED page and join QED 2023!