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CROZ Summer Accelerator 2020: Ready, Steady, Accelerate!

17. 07. 2020

CROZ Summer Accelerator 2020 has officially kicked off!

This years’ Summer Accelerator will definitely be one to remember.
First, skipping this year was never an option. Yes, the circumstances were, let’s say special and challenging, but we had to become creative about spreading the word about CROZ, our internship and what makes it special and have come up with CROZ Virtual Job Fair.

It was challenging, after all – what we are the proudest of is our culture and there is only so much culture you can show via Zoom. Nonetheless, it seem that students were happy with what we presented and have realised that – spending the summer in town to be part of CROZ Summer Accelerator is worth it!

So, let’s look at the numbers. After:
461 applications
162 tasks reviewed
122 interviews

We have chosen the lucky 54 to be our 2020 Summer Accelerator interns. Some more numbers say they are:
25 Java Developers
7  Data Engineers
6 Business Analysts/Testers
3 Integration Engineers
3 UX/UI and Frontend Developers
9 interns in our Rijeka office
1 Mainframe Engineer (a rare find indeed!)

This amazing group of young individuals is spending their first week getting familiar with technologies and methodologies we use and has had the chance to participate in Market of Skills.

Mentors have presented themselves, their projects and who they needed in their team, they got the chance to get to know each other better (even if only via Zoom!) and the teams will be formed.

They will be working on a wide range of interesting projects that have one thing in common – to make life or work easier – from tracking your time at work to recycling, cooking or buying fresh produce. We are looking forward to seeing each one of them soon!



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