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          agile coaching

          Spring Framework course

          DURATION 5 Days

          Course description

          Spring Framework is a set of libraries which significantly simplifies the development of the application in Java as standard or enterprise applications.

          This course gives a complete overview of the Spring Framework covering beginner to advanced topics.


          Basics of Spring

          • The role, philosophy, and brief history of Spring
          • Modular applications: components and wiring
          • Dependency injection and Inversion of Control: concepts
          • Examples of dependency injection into a service without a development framework
          • Inversion of Control container in Spring
          • Definition of Spring application context in XML
          • Spring properties, configuration and use
          • Profiles in Spring
          • Component life cycle in Spring
          • Explicit Spring configuration in Java
          • Self-wiring in Spring
          • Fundamentals of aspect – oriented programming (AOP) in Spring
          • AOP on the example of transaction management


          Spring Boot and REST service development

          • Spring Boot development concept
          • Create a Spring Boot project from Spring Initializr
          • HTTP protocol and basics of REST style of Web service development
          • Creating a Spring controller for REST services
          • CRUD functionality with Web services
          • JSON serialization with Jackson
          • Using Postman in the development of REST services
          • Development of a Java client for the REST service in Spring
          • JavaScript client for REST services using Fetch API (optional)


          Server-side templating in Spring

          • Web MVC framework in Spring
          • Thymeleaf templating format
          • Using Thymeleaf in the Spring Boot app
          • User interface development in HTML using MVC model with server-side templating
          • Externalization of messages in the application through resource bundles
          • Binding and validation of input data
          • Multilingual validation messages
          • Ensuring access to the site in Spring: the administration page and the “admin” user


          Three-tier application in Spring

          • Three-tier Web application architecture
          • Spring Data Basics
          • Using the JDBC template method
          • Using Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) with JPA and Hibernate
          • Databases in memory, H2 and its admin console
          • JpaRepository interface in Spring and naming methods
          • Setting object-relational mapping through annotations
          • Mapping exceptions to response statuses in REST
          • Exception handling through ControllerAdvice processing for REST controllers
          • Data transfer facilities
          • JPQL queries in Spring Days


          Spring Security

          • Adding Spring Security to the Boot application
          • Authentication for the Spring Boot application with built-in users
          • Using UserDetailsService
          • Encryption using a password encoder
          • Authorization through method annotations
          • User authentication via data recorded in the database
          • Identifying the logged-in user and using access data in the services



          Course requires active knowledge of application development in Java and basic knowledge of web application development.


          Audience: Software engineers working in Java application development.


          Duration: 5 days


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