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Introducing ORGANIC agility

27. 09. 2019

If you are interested to participate at ORGANIC agility event, feel free to contact us.

We are pleased to invite you to the ORGANIC agility event, on November 18 at CROZ. ORGANIC agility is an evolutionary approach to organizational agility and resilience. The concept will be presented by Andrea Tomasini, founder of ORGANIC agility.

Today market cycles are rapidly shortening. Organizations need a new way to resilience, equipping the leadership to deal with complexity and challenges of today. ORGANIC agility is an evolutionary approach to organizational agility and resilience that has been developed by working with hundreds of companies around the world. Read here about reasons for the new approach.


The three pillars of ORGANIC agility include a capability-based leadership model that focuses on the three dimensions of situation, behavior, and culture. The second pillar provides the scaffolding for organizations to evolve to continuously improve through five key principles. The third is a set of tools, both analog and digital, to help companies attain and enhance their organizational resilience.

At the event, ORGANIC agility approach will be presented by Andrea Tomasini, one of the founders of agile42 and one of the few people in the world who is Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), a Certified Agile Leader Educator (CAL Educator) and holds a Path to CSP Educator (CSP-E) certifications. The CROZ agile team, together with Mr. Tomasini, will give an overview of the ORGANIC agility tools, specially OrgScan – the tool which can help clients gain insights about their own organizational culture and decision management processes.

Come and join us for an interesting talk, networking and food & drink. To register, please use the contact form bellow or send us an e-mail (dogadjanja@croz.net).

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